Getting rid of 2.5 inches (from around the waist) could be magical for a bloke’s sexual prowess

August 2, 2012

Dunno if Gerry is losing his grip.

It took him a helluva long time to answer a question from Greenie Eugenie Sage yesterday – as you can see here.

It could be he is not so light on his political feet nowadays, because – well, to be frank, he is a bit portly.

And being a bit portly can create problems, such as hampering a feller’s performance in the sack, for example, even if he is a Minister of the Crown.

But let’s start by seeing how he tried to duck and weave in handling the Green’s question, then was gazzumped by Mr Speaker.

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Whoa there, Poms – a Viagra pop just once a fortnight should be enough

December 8, 2011

Alf was fascinated to learn that some British GPs are being urged to limit their prescriptions of Viagra to just two pills a month.

The assumption – obviously – is that Pommie blokes feel the need to get it up just once a fortnight.

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