Our Maori Prince shouldn’t feel too ashamed of his racist slur – British royals can do much the same

July 9, 2014


King Edward III later abdicated to marry one of the Simpsons.

King Edward III later abdicated to marry one of the Simpsons.

The Maori King's son is being given a raw deal, perhaps being judged by the standards of unfairly minded people rather than by the common-sense standards applied in the Grumble household.

Let's revise that. "Common" is not the word to be applied here, because the Grumbles are monarchists and apply monarchic standards to the behaviour of those with royal blood pumping through their privileged veins.

By this standard, there's nothing untoward in Prince Karotangi Paki's Facebook page containing racist comments.

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Facebook is innocent – whoever steered hoons to a flat-farming party is the real culprit

April 9, 2012

Stuff today gives a splendid idea of a technology taking the rap, when something goes awry, rather than the tossers using the technology.

In this case it’s Facebook that is copping the blame:

Facebook derails Timaru party


Well, someone thinks so, because the culpability of the technology is reiterated in the first paragraph –

Facebook has been blamed for another out-of-control party in Timaru.

This is like blaming the telephone for police being given a bum steer by somebody making a false 111 call or like blaming a tree for a fatal accident when a drunken driver runs slap-bang into it at high speed.

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Give me sunshine, say the Poms – but a flushing dunny is less vital than Facebook

September 10, 2011

Alf’s impressions of the Brits being an odd bunch (with the majestic exception of the royal family) is reinforced today by a survey showing the things they most cherish.

And bugger me – they would rather be connected to Facebook than have a flushing dunny.

And they would rather be on the internet than have clean water.

These findings maybe explain why more Poms than other breeds are apt to look a tad sickly.

As a nation tending towards sickliness, it is not surprising the NHS ranked sixth.

The study, by London’s Science Museum, asked 3,000 adults what they couldn’t live without and Facebook ranked fifth, with flushing loos ninth.

Being on the internet came second, with sunshine the clear winner.

Having clean water ranked third in the One Poll study, owning a fridge fourth.

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Puddick the plumber wins a free speech case after leaking – no, flooding – details of wife’s infidelity

June 18, 2011

A British judge has struck a blow in favour of bloggers and free speech.

The judge cleared Pommy plumber Ian Puddick of internet harassment after he had tweeted and blogged details of his wife’s affair.

Lawyers are saying the case may help define the limits of free expression online.

Otherwise, you can be sure, Alf would be showing no interest in the matter.

The BBC’s legal affairs correspondent, Clive Coleman, said not all of the alleged harassment in the trial concerned information placed on the internet.

But the case highlighted the issue of whether someone freely expressing themselves widely online could be guilty of harassment, Coleman said.

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The outfit that hates poor people alas has just lost NZ’s first-ever Sikh MP from its membership

February 20, 2011

Life is a matter of making the right choices.

Alf is somewhat astonished to learn that Kanwaljit Singh Bakshi, the first Sikh to be elected to our Parliament, is backing away from giving folks the impression he might regard beneficiaries as “freeloaders”.

Alf’s astonishment is that many citizens similarly have a dim view of beneficiaries.

And so they would be sympathetic about his membership – but only until Friday – of the Facebook group “I hate poor people”.

It seems he had been signed up to the group since 2009.

The group has 398 members, according to the Sunday Star-Times.

This makes it a somewhat sad little outfit, woefully lacking in good organising skills, bearning in mind it was set up to express displeasure at those on benefits and low incomes.

Alf reckons he could whip up 398 new members in a 30-minute stroll through a suburb like Remuera or Khandallah.

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The Kane mutiny: blog study needs shooting down

May 9, 2009

A bloke whose mum called him Kane doesn’t deserve to be taken seriously.

Hence Alf is challenging the findings of one Kane Hopkins, whose studies on blogging – and advice to politicians – has been aired in a statement from Massey University.

The statement is headed Blog doctor’s advice to politicians (although Alf is tempted to dismiss the bugger as a quack).

Politicians who jump on the “blogging” bandwagon to impress the voters may be wasting their time, says PhD researcher Kane Hopkins.

They would be better off concentrating their efforts on social networking sites such as Facebook or the Flickr photo-sharing site to show the public at a glance what they are doing, Mr Hopkins says.

Nonsense, says Alf (although he has confided to mates in the Eketahuna Club that he has been a tad unnerved by the Massey statement and its rundown on the research findings).
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