Rankin appointment fires up the muck-rakers

May 17, 2009

Alf would rather see more media focus on the need for a Family Commission than the rationale behind the appointment of Christine Rankin as a commissioner.

They should examine its purpose, its resources, its costs, its accomplishments, and so on, so we would be better able to judge what sorts of people would make good commissioners.

His thinking is reinforced by the Sunday tabloids’ delving into the suicide of the late Margo McAuley, whose widower, Kim MacIntyre, became Rankin’s fourth husband.

The Sunday News brays:

Today Sunday News can reveal the mother-of-two hired by the National administration to bring families closer together has been accused of being instrumental in the demise of a marriage of around one year, which ended last year with the lonely death of a prominent real estate agent.

The Sunday News goes on to salivate:
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