Grant Dalton should forget about taxpayers puffing more wind into Team NZ’s sails

June 14, 2014
Bugger...let's see if Steven can get us ship-shape again.

Bugger…let’s see if Steven Joyce can get us ship-shape again.

Here’s hoping the Team New Zealand mob have kept enough of the taxpayers’ money in a kitty for a small farewell party.

That thought struck the member for Eketahuna North while he mused on the team’s latest bleat about its money problems.

Without an immediate cash injection – according to Grant Dalton – the syndicate will be “gone by the end of the month”.


A fortnight hence Team NZ could be sunk.

Or so it seems, because the Herald reported:

With their bridging finance fast running out Grant Dalton yesterday reiterated the team’s dire financial position, warning without an immediate cash injection from the Government the syndicate would be “gone by the end of the month”.

“If we go, there ain’t no coming back. The start-up price of a team from scratch is so astronomical that it will never happen in this country.”

Alf happens to be sublimely indifferent to the fate of the boaties. If they can make it by themselves, good on them. If they can’t, too bad.


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Alf will defend Whanau Ora – but only if he can get his snout into the trough, too

February 8, 2012

Dunno what Winston Peters expected The Boss to say, when he asked at Question Time yesterday if he had confidence in the Minister for Whanau Ora.

This is a ticklish time for the PM, when it comes to his relationship with the Maori Party and its Ministers.

So of course he had confidence in the Minister because, in this case, it happens to be dear old Tariana Turia.

Moreover, he said he had confidence even when Peters asked whether he would do so

“…if he found out that the Minister is promoting public funding being diverted from those in genuine need to those who most certainly are not?”

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