There are bigger bastards than bankers

July 26, 2009

It was a predictable result, if ever there was one.

The Sunday Star-Times conducted a survey to learn: “Trust in financial institutions has collapsed.”

Alf could have told them that.

But perhaps it is of interest to find that some types of adviser are less trustworthy than others, which means the SST at least has determined who is the lowest of the low.
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Lifting standards in the finance sector

April 21, 2009

Another blow has been struck on behalf of investors who lost their savings over the last two or so years thanks to the bum advice of financial advisers.

It won’t recover their lost savings, but it will give them the satisfaction (a scant one, maybe) of knowing future investors will be better protected.

The Securities Commission yesterday announced the beginning of consultation on skills required for financial advisers.

All people interested in the competency of financial advisers are invited to make submissions on the skills advisers will be required to have under a new law.
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