So which one is Inspector Frost and which one is a Kiwi who came under the influence of The Jackal?

September 17, 2010

Alf has alerted British authorities to his suspicions about the real identity of one of their best known police officers.

He refers, of course, to Inspector Frost, a gritty cop (and much admired by the British people) who did his crime-busting thing in Denton, in the British Midlands.

Alf suspects the real Inspector Frost is none other than a disgraced New Zealand member of Parliament, who landed his job as an MP not because he was popular with his electorate, but because the ACT Party saw fit to place him fairly high on its list.

The MP is known in this country as David Garrett, although Alf does not discount the possibility this might be an alias.

Unlike Inspector Frost, Garrett is a bloke who would have no show of winning votes in Eketahuna North, and – Alf wold venture – would be unlikely to attract votes anywhere else in this country if he stood for election in a constituency.

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Let’s ship Roger McClay to some other country to help make NZ more beautiful

August 26, 2010

Roger McClay has been let off lightly. Much too lightly.

Judge Jan Doogue sentenced him in the Auckland District Court yesterday to 300 hours of community work after he admitted three fraud charges.

She urged him to pick up litter or clean graffiti, saying that work would be appropriate given the goals of Keep New Zealand Beautiful, of which he had been the chairman.

Litter be buggered. McClay belongs in jail, and Alf suspects that’s where he would be headed if he was not a former member of Parliament and Minister of the Crown and if he had not been involved in charity work (while obviously believing that charity begins at home).

Actually, Alf would ship him off to some other country which would (a) be good riddance and (b) make a small contribution to making New Zealand more beautiful.
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Lesson from the Whitireia student shambles: keep an eye on executive candidates for peeping toms

August 17, 2010

Alf has been working on a private member’s bill that would bar Whitireia Polytechnic students from voting in general elections, and maybe from all local government elections, too.

He was concerned that the students have demonstrated bad judgement by casting their votes in favour of a candidate who – it turns out – had a bothersome blot on his copy-book.

They voted on to their executive a bloke called Tai Te Karu, who became their union vice-president.

At least, Alf assumes they voted him on. They do vote for those positions, don’t they?

If so, how well did they inform themselves about the qualities of the candidates to whom they would be handing stewardship of their compulsory student fees?

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IHC fraudster should still be locked up or – worse – sent to Christchurch to await sentencing

January 30, 2010

Too many bloody judges have gone soft on the crims, as we all know.

This applies to the judge who has allowed a former Wellington restaurateur to await sentencing at her Ohakune lodge – described on Stuff as “plush” – after she admitted stealing almost $600,000 donated to disabled children.

She has been bailed to live at the lodge until sentencing in March.

Well turned out in a black dress, former IHC national fundraising manager Lynn Fiebig, 56, stood impassively in Wellington District Court yesterday. She pleaded guilty to 74 counts of fraudulently using documents, and one of laundering money.

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Voluntary membership won’t stop fraud

June 30, 2009

Student association membership should be voluntary, and ACT’s Heather Roy is to be applauded for championing this cause.

Another thing: these associations do seem to be curiously prone to being ripped off.

Roy refers to a ‘Press’ newspaper report of a woman being jailed for 22 months after defrauding the Christchurch Polytechnic Students’ Association (CPSA) of $175,000, of which $125,000 was unrecoverable.
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Amputation in Otago: off with the DHB’s head

February 17, 2009

Going, going – gone.

Richard Thomson, chair of the Otago District Health Board, has been replaced.

Errol Millar, an appointed member of the board, will take over as chair immediately.

The reason is simply set out in a ministerial media statement
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