Greenies grudgingly salute farm managers

April 16, 2009

So the grouchy Greens do recognise good farm practices, when they see ’em. Pity is, the recipient of a rare plaudit is the state-owned Landcorp, rather than a privately owned farm.

Never mind. Russel Norman, at Frogblog, says

Here’s some good news on dairy farming and a doff of the cap to the SOE Landcorp and its farm managers.
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Here’s hoping Kedgley saw the joke

April 2, 2009

What a bloody miserable lifestyle was in store for us – it seemed – if ever mass dementia took hold and we elected a Green Government.

A strong whiff of a Green future was wafted from a post in Frogblog, portending that when the tree-huggers take over, we will have to throw away many (if not all) of our electric gadgets. Our electric kettles, heaters, blankets, toothbrushes and what-have-you.

The appliances that make life comfortable and shopping such fun.
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