Macdoctor keeps up the heat on frozen peas

April 7, 2009

While the Greens remain quiet, the New Zealand Food Safety Authority’s compliance and investigation director Geoff Allen has had something to say about the contamination of Talley’s frozen peas with black nightshade (which apparently grows among peas as a weed).

Allen said Talley’s told him yesterday that the contamination had occurred after an unusually bad spate of nightshade in the 2007-2008 harvest.

The company withdrew several products in February after the contamination was noticed, he said. It had also traced the source of the nightshade to two growers and was increasing oversight before harvesting.

The same story at Stuff says:

Talley’s spokesman Robert Darragh said he believed the recent complaints were from consumers who had stored products recalled in February.

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Consumers urged to give Talley’s the cold shoulder

April 7, 2009

Top marks to Macdoctor for calling on consumers to take direct action, in response to reports that the Talley’s food company is tightening its processes (but not recalling its product) after nightshade berries were discovered among packets of frozen vegetables.

The South Island company received complaints over recent weeks from consumers who found the current-like black nightshade berries in their food.

Macdoctor is urging consumers not to buy Talley’s products again until the company

1. Informs the public where the problem was and how they fixed it.

2. Apologises for it’s lackadaisical attitude.

If we can’t have regulatory muscle applied, there is still consumer power.

Other blogs are invited to pass this on to their readers:

The Greens, however, seem curiously oblivious to the issue. Too busy fighting fat, perhaps.
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