The Dutch and Germans show the way – by sending their bikies to deal to Islamic State murderers

October 19, 2014
These Hells Angels should have been headed to Iraq and Syria instead of Nelson.

Why should they be allowed to journey to Nelson when they could let off steam in the Middle East?

Alf got another of his great ideas the other day, while reading about Dutch motorbike gang members who have reportedly joined Kurds battling the Islamic State group in Iraq.

The head of the No Surrender gang, Klaas Otto, had told state broadcaster NOS that three members who travelled to near Mosul in northern Iraq were from Amsterdam, Rotterdam and Breda.

But many countries including the Netherlands have been clamping down on countrymen (and sheilas) who try to join the IS jihadists who have taken over swathes of Iraq and Syria.

Dutch measures  include confiscating would-be jihadists’ passports before travelling and threatening prosecution should they return.

The Boss is thinking about similar measures in this country.

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A great idea for breaking the gangs – but finding the right location is the key

March 2, 2012

On the positive side, there's no Mongrel Mob or Black Power here...

... but (on the negative side) it's too easy to find a shag.

Alf had been inclined to think somewhat unkindly about Kim Workman, director of an outfit called Rethinking Crime and Punishment.

Too often Workman seemed too be promoting namby-pamby ideas about dealing with the criminal classes.

But maybe Alf misjudged him, because Workman has released a media statement headed –

Proposal To Relocate Gang Members Away From Communities

Great. Alf has a similar proposal.

Maybe we could work together.

Mind you, when you read Workman’s statement you will find he is focused on relocating gang members away from gangs, when they are let out of jail (which happens much too soon for most of the buggers).

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Hughes’ news about the work test is worth celebrating – but it is subject to an appeal

January 5, 2011

And I'm pleased to say you won't have to work for another 26 years or so...

Taxpayers will be tempted to celebrate on learning they no longer have to fill the trough from which a former gang leader and his family have been slurping for 26 years.

But don’t pop the champagne tops just yet. Darryl Harris – the bloke in question – has three months to appeal against the decision.

Harris, who lives in Christchurch, apparently has been told his benefit will stop from January 10 because “he no longer meets standard eligibility requirements”.

The information comes from Social Development Ministry chief executive Peter Hughes and is published at Stuff today.

The decision comes at a time when – nudged along by the likes of Alf behind the scenes – the Government is taking a harder line on benefit claims, including work-testing for sickness benefits from this May.

Stuff reminds us that this Harris feller and his wife, Marcia Robins, made headlines a year ago when it was revealed they had been claiming unemployment and sickness benefits continually since 1984.

They had received $30,000 in special-needs grants since 2000, including payments for new tyres for their 2007 Chrysler saloon and to fence a swimming pool at one of their Christchurch properties.

Bugger that.

Many of Alf’s mates can’t afford a 2007 Chrysler or properties with swimming pools.

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Hell’s Angels can go to the devil

July 28, 2009

It’s a bit rich when buggers like the Hells Angels complain about something being unlawful.

But that’s their latest stunt – they are invoking the Bill of Rights in support of their bid to block a bylaw that bans them from wearing their patches on the streets of Wanganui.

Among other arguments, they say they are a club, not a gang.
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Why Rodney should never say never

May 7, 2009

A Bill empowering the Wanganui District Council to make by-laws banning Black Power, the Mongrel Mob, Hell’s Angels and other gangs from designated places such as the central business district and parks was introduced into parliament a year ago.

It started off as a local bill, promoted by Chester Borrows, and last night it was enacted.

Fines of up to $2000 (peanuts for mob members) can be imposed for breaches.

That’s peanuts for mob members, maybe. But as a tough law and order bloke, Alf supported the measure.

Actually, he kind of favours stripping gang members of all their clobber and making the buggers go naked. It’s not easy trying to hide your guns, knives and so on up your bare backside.

Nudity would knock ’em down to size, moreover.

But Alf enjoys a good debate and was impressed by the eloquence of some of its opponents.
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How Hone deals with racists and rednecks

May 6, 2009

It’s always a treat, getting Hone Harawira’s latest thoughts on the big issues of the day.

In the column he has written this week for his local newspaper, he’s into racism and his ability to sniff out – and deal to – rednecks.

And then last week, a student wrote a complaint to everybody he could think of, about the language that I was using during a lecture I gave at Waikato University, and I was immediately reminded of the He Taua incident that I had been part of all those years ago, and how some things hadn’t changed very much at all.

Over more than 35 years of public speaking, I have learnt to “sniff out” a redneck in the audience, and it seems that last week at Waikato, I’d picked out another one.
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Land grab fears raised in gang crackdown

April 10, 2009

A blow has been struck against gangs with the passing of a law making it easier for the cops to seize the assets and profits illegally obtained by gangs – from the manufacture and supply of methamphetamine, for example.

It’s the Criminal Proceeds (Recovery) Bill, which repeals the Proceeds of Crime Act 1991 and introduces a new civil forfeiture regime to complement an enhanced criminal forfeiture regime.

Justice Minister Simon Power says senior organised crime figures for too long have been able to hide behind the people they hire to carry out their dirty work.
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