It’s heart-breaking, when infants drown – and an awful reminder of parental responsibility

November 2, 2011

The question of parental responsibility for keeping their children safe didn’t get a mention in media coverage of a coroner’s report the other day.

But, in a separate case, it has been headlined in reports in newspapers today .

Alf is tempted to wonder, accordingly, about why the emphasis differed in the two unfortunate infant deaths.

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The case of an infant who consumed his mum’s methadone is sad – but it doesn’t justify new laws

December 20, 2010

No, child, they are not lollies.

Alf was a tad perturbed to read of a coroner’s namby-pamby calls for child-proof packaging on medicines.

A youngster has died after scoffing his mum’s methodone. This – of course – is sad.

But the coroner is blaming…who?

Oh, yes. The Government.

In this case it happened to be a Labour Government, which had been looking into an initiative for child-proof packaging on medicines but apparently abandoned the idea in 2007.

This decision is being linked to the death that was the subject of the coroner’s hearing.

According to the report at Stuff, going ahead with the idea could have saved the life of a four-year-old Upper Hutt boy accidently poisoned last year.

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The perils of sharing a bed

May 23, 2009

Too many people don’t read beyond the headlines. Mrs Grumble tends to be one of them, which is why Alf hopes she reads on and gets more detail when she spots

Many deaths linked to sharing bed

It’s all about cot deaths.

More than half of cot-death babies were sharing a bed when they died, new research shows.
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