It’s a sad day when things get hot for a party leader for being questioned in a sauna

June 19, 2015
Couldn't this have  been filmed by the Fox bunch?

Couldn’t this have been filmed by the Fox bunch?

Sir John Kirwan – gone as coach of the Blues and Alf did nicely, thank you, on some punts with his mates.


Alf is tempted to put some money on Colin Craig being a goner fairly soon.

Mind you, he has not been given any inside tips on this matter.

He is reliant on the news media and is bound to say this means he is listening to journalists,and journalists are at the bottom of the pecking order when it comes to public trust.

For what it’s worth, therefore, consider this:

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Judge Jane should dip into her history book and get a steer on sentencing from The Hanging Judge

December 4, 2014

The Sensible Sentencing Trust almost makes a case for having the judging business declared a caper fit for blokes only.

Preferably blokes with no whiff of greenie, leftie or any other namby-pamby leanings.

But Sensible Sentencing falls short of saying this and obviously has opted to pull its punches while preparing a news item headed:

Violent thug deserves four year sentence, not sympathy from a Judge

The news release says Sensible Sentencing wonders why trained Judges seem to find a very simple law hard to follow.

Presumably they mean some judges and moreover they probably mean some modern judges, because blokes like Judge George Jeffreys had no trouble following a simple law, and if they did, they simply resolved the matter by sentencing the defendant to a stiff sentence, often of the life-terminating variety.
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Backing sterilisation will bring more blue votes (probably) than urging help for mum with a record

February 9, 2014

So how long will this go on for, and how many state-run children’s homes will be needed to cope with the consequences of Oriwa Kemp’s fecundity?

Oh – and by the way – will the aforementioned Oriwa Kemp ever get a chance to demonstrate that maybe she can bring up her children without the need for state intervention?

Those are among the lofty questions tackled over the Grumbles’ breakfast table this morning, while we ploughed our way through the Sunday newspapers.

Oriwa Kemp, if you don’t happen to know it, was banged up for a while for cruelty to Rotorua toddler Nia Glassie.

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Jails are going to the dogs – race-hate couple could finish up with puppy training duties

March 14, 2012

This looks like a good source of paper for wiping inmates' bums.

A nasty pair of southerners are being banged up for setting dogs loose on Asian people.

Jail, of course, is the best place for the buggers, although they will spend too little time there before being let loose.

Trouble is, our prisons are going soft and sappy.

Among other things, the couple could well finish up – good grief! – being given puppies to train.

Alf would not want to be a disabled person who was given a dog they had trained.

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Bill balks at building more jails, true, but this is readily reconciled with Crusher’s plans

May 23, 2011

And if we run out of containers, we can try Joe's tent idea.

Alf is much more appreciative of Bill English than the law-and-order lobbyists who lament he has gone lame.

Tossers like Garth McVicar have seized on something Bill said without taking into account what he was busting to say next, before his Q+A interview was abruptly terminated.

McVicar – at the Sensible Sentencing Trust.- is accusing Bill of destroying the good work done by Crusher Collins and Simon Power by saying we shouldn’t build any more prisons.


English did cavil with the idea of spending good public money on building more prisons.

But where in the inteview did he say he objected to banging up bad buggers in converted shipping containers?

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McVicar could learn one thing from the boy racers – how to get there faster with his press statements

August 29, 2010

Alf is chuffed to be getting support from the Sensible Sentencing Trust.

The trust says drivers who kill while attempting to outrun police should be charged with murder.

This is what Alf had been saying, although he was given no credit for his oh-so-sensible thinking by the trust.
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