Shock for conservatives: Her Majesty’s signing of Commonwealth Charter will endorse gay rights

March 11, 2013

The Grumbles will be paying close attention to Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth. They might have to shift their somewhat conservative thinking on gay rights and succession to the throne once she has given them a steer.

She apparently has been limbering up to sign the Commonwealth Charter tomorrow in her first public appearance since leaving hospital after suffering from a stomach bug

According to a Mail on Sunday report (here), she will make an historic pledge to promote gay rights and ‘gender equality’ in one of the most controversial acts of her reign.

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Persistent Parker regurgitates his pap about Mexico despite being properly chided by Ambassador

April 24, 2012

But in this country you have to keep an eye on the rear end.

Dunno why the Mexicans bothered making a fuss over Labour MP David Parker’s warning that New Zealand risked turning into “Australia’s Mexico”.

The absurdity of the comparison was obvious to anyone with a reasonable share of brain cells.

For starters, Mexicans speak Spanish and use lots of maize in a diet that features tacos, enchiladas, mole sauce, atole, tamales, pozole and burritos. We Kiwis are fish and chips and meat-pie people, a diet complemented by steaks, oysters, mutton-birds, pork and puha and so on.

Mexicans fed on maize must be bursting to cross the border to get into some decent tucker, like Kentucky Fried and Big Macs.

Kiwis who go to Australia simply find the folks there are fish-and-chips and meat-pie people too, although they have turned the meat pie into something worthy of a banquet with a dish called the floater.

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Labour has a little list – and it looks like Little had plenty of say in its shaping

April 11, 2011

Alf has enjoyed listening to a couple of political commentators give Labour’s list a drubbing on Morning Report in the last few minutes.

One of them said said Labour is more interested in the gender, ethnicity and what have you of those they put on their list, rather than how good they are and what their political appeal might be.

Chris Trotter noted the lower place given to Stuart Nash (a bloke he said had appeal to small business people and provincial voters) than others with no such appeal.

They have lost sight that Labour was nearly wiped out in the provinces at the last election, he said.

On that score, of course, Alf is delighted with the list. May they forever be confined to the big cities with their silly ideas, he says. And may their grip on their urban strongholds be forever weakening.

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Pride comes before a tumble

May 14, 2009

Looks like harlots are going the way of poofters. PC-infected people prefer to call them something else.

Poofters became gays (thereby buggering up the use of a wonderful word, gay, to mean joyous or colourful) and harlots have become…

Depends where they operate, perhaps.

In Manukau City, they are “street workers.”

So what about road sweepers? Are they not much more entitled to call themselves street workers?

At least they are less inclined to lie down on the job.
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