Slow down with that electricity shake-up, Gerry – the hacks at The Press need time to catch up

December 28, 2009

A scribbler by name of Paul Gorman seems to be a bit slow on the uptake when it comes to electricity matters.

He is gushing to his Press readers today about the Government’s review of the electricity sector jeopardising the green reputation of one of its biggest money-spinners.

Giant state-owned South Island generator and retailer Meridian Energy’s multimillion-dollar carbon-neutral generating status will be threatened if the recommendations of a review – requested by Energy and Resources Minister Gerry Brownlee – are adopted.

Brownlee’s review proposes stripping two key power stations from Meridian’s Waitaki River hydro scheme and giving them to North Island state-owned enterprise Genesis Energy.

Meridian would then be given the Government’s emergency diesel-powered generator at Whirinaki in Hawke’s Bay.

Meridian’s generation is hydro or wind-powered, although it sells thermally generated electricity when lakes are low.

The threat to Meridian’s green reputation was obvious – of course – to anyone who was paying attention about a fortnight ago.

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If you can’t scoff it, scoff at it

April 2, 2009

Better put on the record the prospect of Genesis Energy building a wind farm in northern Wairarapa.

Some locals will probably shout a big hurrah.

Alf, however, thinks if it can’t be eaten, it’s not worth farming. Sheep, cattle, pigs and deer – good. Wind – bad.

Moreover, too many windmills tend to be a bloody great blot on the landscape.

But their greatest handicap is that they are endorsed by Greenies. Accordingly they should be viewed with great suspicion, along with any claims made about their environmental benefits.
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