Cops bring law and order back to Kaikohe

August 26, 2009

At last it’s over – and Alf likes to think his needling of the spineless police contributed to the result.

The cops have evicted a group of Maori occupiers from a disused furniture building in Kaikohe, allowing the property’s new owner to finally take possession four months after he bought it.

About 10 police went to the two-storey, 700sq m former furniture store in Broadway yesterday to evict about 15 members of a group known as Nga Uri o Tupoto Maori.

They had occupied the building since Australian property investor Glenn Hannah bought the premises at a bank mortgagee sale for $80,000 in April. Some were living in it.

Kaikohe police would not comment on the eviction, saying the issue was in the hands of court bailiffs.
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Biting the hand that feeds them in the lawless North

August 24, 2009

It’s becoming the lawless North.

And no bloody wonder. The cops have let a few stroppy Maori get away with defying the law for too long.

Allowing the law to be flouted was especially agregious in the case of the Aussie property owner who couldn’t clear his commercial premises of rabble in Kaikohe And couldn’t get the cops to help him.

The property-owner, Glenn Hannah, was trying to do the town a favour by investing in jobs and what-have-you.

But it seems there are are some nasty buggers in the region who don’t welcome the offer of a helping hand.
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Shameful carry-on in Kaikohe

August 4, 2009

Don’t often feel sorry for Aussies (as should be evident from my previous posting).

That’s not so in the disgraceful case of Glenn Hannah, the bloke who bought a Kaikohe building in April but has yet to spend a day in it.
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Kaikohe squatters should be sat on – heavily

July 4, 2009

Dunno what’s going on in Kaikohe, in the law and order department, but it’s taking a bloody long time for a few firebrands to be thrown out of the building they are occupying.

The businessman who owns the building complains he has been locked out of his own building by squatters and says it is absurd the police cannot evict them.

They can evict them, of course. But they need a court order, and the order is a long time coming.
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