Labour on the defensive: we can expect more denials and a disinclination to comment

June 12, 2011

And we can expect the hole to get deeper after the next load of disclosures.

Alf gets a big buzz when he sees the Labour Party feverishly digging itself into a hole as an instinctive response to the prospect of political embarrassment.

Declining to comment helps to fuel the party excavator.

Lo and behold, Labour Party president Moira Coatsworth is quoted by the HoS as saying she could not discuss the issue of some stuff leaked to or otherwise obtained by The Whale until she had spoken to party secretary Chris Flatt

… then later refused to comment.

Australian Labor Party activist Sandy Rippingale, asked if she was working with our Labour Party on election campaigning, said:

“I can’t make comment on the relationship between the two Labour (Labor) parties.”

Denial helps to drive the machine.

Labour MP Darien Fen­ton is reported to have denied the party used Par­lia­men­tary Ser­vices to fund cam­paign or party business.

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It’s a monstrous case of media discrimination – the cameras follow Carter but again give Alf a miss

December 23, 2010

Bugger - who let the TV3 cameras in on my Christmas?

So why haven’t the buggers in the Speaker’s Office alerted the news media to Alf’s holiday travel plans?

He would jump at the chance to be pictured climbing into his modest Mazda Atenza – a 2004 job – before driving to Taihape for a modest Christmas dinner with other members of the modest Grumble family.

Indeed, he offered TV3 a few hundred bucks if they would take such pictures and screen them on their news programme, but they somewhat impolitely turned down the offer.

The problem, probably, is that he is happily married to Mrs Grumble and they have three children and several grandchildren (Alf has lost count of how many exactly). This makes him remarkably ordinary, despite his accomplishments on behalf of his electorate.

Hence Alf is throughly pissed off to learn that Chris Carter, the bald-pated poof who happens to be an MP on the other side of the parliamentary divide, is saying the media have ruined his summer holiday after the itinerary for his taxpayer-subsidised trip to Sri Lanka was leaked.

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Having Helen Clark work in New York is one thing – having her run the world from there is another

August 6, 2010

Bugger. Alf has been scooped by his mate Whaleoil.

Not that he is complaining. Whaleoil has done a splendid job of spreading the awful news about the PM’s latest bit of howz-your-father in the foreign affairs domain.

Trouble is, Alf has been so busy trying to muster support among his party mates to stop this outrage that he hasn’t got around to alerting his constituents.

Not until now.

The full horror of what lies in store becomes all too clear from the post at Gotcha, which says:

The Her­ald reports (print only, Busi­ness Her­ald page 27) that trai­tor Key has ordered MFAT to begin prepa­ra­tions for a diplo­matic cam­paign to back Helen Clark for UN Sec­re­tary Gen­eral. The paper says the trai­tor Key is fac­ing oppo­si­tion from his cab­i­net col­leagues but is deter­mined to get Clark into the world’s top diplo­matic job.
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