Why waste missiles in ocean testing when they could have been used against the gangs?

January 8, 2012

The buggers who run the NZ Herald seem to be conducting a campaign to sully the name of Rob Muldoon.

Or further sully it, fair to say. Rob wasn’t the most popular of prime ministers – let’s face it – and did some daft stuff with his economic policies. Alf thought he was a bit of a bully, actually, although Mrs Grumble said she rather liked the dimple in his cheek.

Anyway, the Herald people a few days ago published a smear under the heading “Muldoon tried to get US to mislead NZ public”.

And today, so help us, they are dishing up more muck under the heading “NZ linked to nuclear missile test plan”.

Someone somewhere in that organisation obviously is carrying a grudge against our former leader.

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