Now that The Stig’s visor has been lifted, the BBC should trade him in for a new mystery man

September 2, 2010

The Lone Ranger ... he had the decency to keep his mask on.

It’s as devastating to Alf as learning the truth about Father Christmas and The Tooth Fairy.

And it’s as upsetting as it would have been if anyone had ever unmasked The Lone Ranger.

The Stig has been publicly named.

He and all others who aided and abetted in this outrage should now be shamed. They have ruined Alf’s viewing pleasure.

A racing driver – no surprises there – has been revealed as The Stig after the High Court refused to grant the BBC an injunction blocking the publication the Top Gear star’s autobiography.

Until now, Alf and other aficionados of the TV show were left to wonder who he (or dare Alf suggest she) might be.

There’s absolutely no pleasure in guessing when somone has told you the bloody answer.

Secrecy was essential.
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