The trouble with being rid of Rodney is the prospect of being held hostage by Hone

September 20, 2010

Is anyone pissed off with my leadership down there?

Thanks to the antics of the ACT Party, Alf could not tuck into his breakfast this morning. He was deeply troubled.

More particularly, Alf lost interest in his breakfast thanks to the highlighting of a political consequence if the ACT Party was holding too few seats in Parliament

His appetite for bacon and eggs with a few slices of black pudding and fried bread was thoroughly ruined by Claire Trevett, writing in the Dom-Post about Rodney Hide and the political support he believes he still commands.

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An MP called Tashkoff? Nyet, but they might have a bloke of that name in the Kremlin

August 25, 2010

The Herald isn’t as familiar as it should be with the make-up of Act’s gang of five in Parliament.

None of the gang – last time Alf looked – was named Pete Tashkoff.

So how come the Herald website today has a news headline: Act MP to contest Hide’s seat.

Then there’s a photo captioned: Act MP Peter Tashkoff.

The first para of their report says that Act MP Peter Tashkoff has announced he will contest party leader Rodney Hide for the seat of Epsom.

The people responsible for this bit of prose obviously are mathematically challenged.
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The awful secret that Hide wants to hide – the bugger is biased against blondes

August 19, 2010

An obvious victim of blondism.

The media morons, ever so quick to whip up a row around racism if Hone Harawira is involved, have missed the obvious in their analysis of what’s been going on in the Act Party.

The obvious is that Act has a majority of blondists in its caucus – three of the buggers – who got rid of Heather Roy because she is a blonde.

The media, alas, has become so preoccupied with racism, sexism and homophobia that it has neglected this area of prejudice.

Society prefers not to discuss this form of prejudice, either.

Alf imagines that if you took a blondist complaint to the Human Rights Commission, you would be laughed out of the joint.

Mind you, he happens to believe that every complaint ever taken to the outfit should be laughed out of the joint, which should be pulled down and its inhabitants sent into the world to find proper jobs.

He upholds the right of all of us – and especially him – to be thoroughly prejudiced, including against blondes, baldies numbskulls and short-arsed tossers who wear yellow jackets.
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Stubborn silence – is this the accountability we could expect if Rodney (fat chance) became PM?

August 18, 2010

Alf agrees totally with the Herald’s John Armstrong, who has admonished Rodney Hide over his refusal to say why Heather Roy was given the heave as deputy leader.

Alf didn’t drop into the press conference where ACT announced nothing much more than what everybody seemed to know (he was busy dealing with a constituent’s problems with the bloody health system).

But he keenly watched Hide handle the baying media hounds on telly last night.

The information Hide volunteered, over and beyond the sparse details in his media statement , fell far short of what the taxpaying public is entitled to know, in circumstances that result in a Minister being replaced.

It was zero, plus zilch multiplied by zippo and it came to diddly-squat.

And it exposed Hide yet again as a bloke who preaches accountability but struggles to practice it.

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Job package keeps spin doctors busy

August 2, 2009

The party spin doctors were kept busy today, explaining what’s on offer from the youth employment package and who can benefit.

Bloody near as many announcements made as on Budget Day.

Wonderful to see how many Ministers can feed off one basic announcement.

1. Prime Minister John Key announced a $152 million package to create new work, education and training opportunities for unemployed young people.
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Voluntary membership won’t stop fraud

June 30, 2009

Student association membership should be voluntary, and ACT’s Heather Roy is to be applauded for championing this cause.

Another thing: these associations do seem to be curiously prone to being ripped off.

Roy refers to a ‘Press’ newspaper report of a woman being jailed for 22 months after defrauding the Christchurch Polytechnic Students’ Association (CPSA) of $175,000, of which $125,000 was unrecoverable.
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A double scoop, please, on fraud awareness

February 27, 2009

What goes around comes around, they say – and it has happened very quickly, in the case of a media statement from Consumer Affairs Minister Heather Roy.

As Alf’s constituents were advised on 24 February, next week Roy will launch Fraud Awareness Week, described as a joint initiative that focuses on raising awareness of scams in the community.

Scoop had posted the media release earlier in the day.

Just in case we missed it, maybe, or because there’s not much news around, while the Government is running its Jobs Summit in Auckland, Scoop has published the media release again today.

You will be busting to learn – again – that Fraud Awareness Week will be officially launched on Monday at Trade Me, Level 3, NZX Centre, 11 Cable Street, Wellington, between 12pm-1pm.

No, you won’t see Alf there. He has better things to do.

Roy’s mad rush for media attention

February 25, 2009

Wow. Looks like Alf understated Heather Roy’s ministerial accomplishments (as measured by the media releases on the Beehive web-site) when he noted her announcement of Fraud Awareness Week.

He was looking only at her Consumer Affairs job, and overlooked her Defence responsibilities. So let’s bring those into the reckoning:

As Associate Defence Minister, on 3 February she announced she had been at Waiouru’s National Army Museum’s to launch ‘Te Mata Toa’ (‘Through the Eyes of the Warrior’) – “a new brand designed, in part, to display the endeavours of our forebears and current soldiers who helped mould the nation into what it is today.”

As Acting Defence Minister, on 13 February she announced that President of Timor-Leste Jose Ramos-Horta was to honour six New Zealanders for their role in New Zealand’s peacekeeping response to the violence that broke out in Timor-Leste in April and May 2006.

Fair to say she has delivered three speeches too.

And let’s not forget a statement jointly issued on 29 January with Defence Minister Wayne Mapp to say they would be visiting the air force’s Whenuapai base and the Devonport naval base.

Busy girl. Even busier than Alf led you to believe.

So who’s scamming whom?

February 24, 2009

Whoa there, Heather Roy has bolted.

The ACT MP, working feverishly as Minister of Consumer Affairs in the Key Government, has rushed to issue her latest media statement.

Yet another?

Yep. Her third (an outpouring that obviously puts the heat on her press secretary).
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