It’s a real shame when soaps need cleaning up or putting beyond the reach of kiddies

May 6, 2011

So which one would you rather see in the all-together?

Alf does not bother watching Coronation Street, because if he is not attending to important matters of state as MP for Eketahuna North he is relaxing down at the Eketahuna Club.

Thanks to Labour’s Lianne Dalziel, therefore, and to Mrs Grumble’s research, he has been alerted to the huge threat to the welfare of our children presented by exposure to the programme.

Dalziel is publicly complaining that television has become so raunchy that even Coronation Street is no longer acceptable for children’s viewing.

She was banging on about broadcasting standards during a commerce select committee hearing yesterday.

The “Adults Only” television watershed should be brought back to 7.30pm, she contended, because 8.30pm no longer reflects the content of the shows broadcast.

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