You must break an egg to make an omlette – and you must sell a bit of Tainui land to build an inland port

October 8, 2014
This will look splendid when it has been concreted - now I've got to persuade the tribe.

This will look splendid when it has been concreted – now I’ve got to persuade the tribe.

Uh, oh. A grand development plan in the Waikato seems to have been fouled by a few differences among shareholders.

Alf speaks of Tainui Group Holdings’ plans for a multi-billion-dollar Ruakura development.

TGH has been itching for more than five years to get cracking and turn more than 600 hectares of good cow-nourishing pasture into a transport and residential hub.

It was named a project of national significance by the Environmental Protection Authority last year.

This was a clever move by the developers. It allowed them to skip years of council hearings, objections and red tape.

Trouble is, it now has to mollify some members of the tribe.

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Bill English has been talking – very quietly – with iwi leaders about the state assets they should buy

August 19, 2011

Bill English in secret talks with Maori leaders?

It looks like this may be so.

A constituent in a state of high dudgeon contacted the member for Eketahuna North this morning to demand a halt to asset sales, whether partly or otherwise.

Obviously this bugger upright citizen with a contrary viewpoint is a socialist. How he has been allowed to settle in Alf’s part of our community is a mystery.

Anyway, what got him going was something he heard on Radio NZ (and if Radio NZ is going to get Alf’s constituents in a state of high dudgeon, the response should be to add it to the list of state assets to be privatised).

What the constituent heard had something to do with a bunch of iwi leaders getting together to pool their money (and they have a fair wallop of the stuff, despite the impression of poverty given by health, education, housing and and crime statistics).

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