Some miracles are to be marvelled at, but the resurrection of Winston Peters is not one of them

November 20, 2011

Good to see you, Lazarus ... but bringing that Peters fellow back from the dead won't be so easy.

It’s the stuff of nightmares, Alf wrote a year ago – “Winston and his mob have risen from the dead”.

The awful news to trigger that dismay came from a media release from an outfit called Horizonpolls. It was headlined New Zealand First May Decide Which Main Party Governs

John Roughan, a columnist at the NZ Herald, was as derisive as Alf was dismayed.

He complained that this media release proclaimed the premature start of The Silly Season.

His tart tone no doubt was influenced by the fact the Sunday Star-Times, owned by the Fairfax mob, had given front-page treatment to to the poll pointing to Winston’s political resurrection.

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Psst – want a good election tip? Put your dosh on Goff being put out to pasture soon after the race

July 24, 2011

A better bet than the prospect of a Goff-led coalition.

Care to spare a thought for how Phil Goff might be feeling this morning?

On second thoughts, forget about it. Let’s get used to the idea that in a few months he will be political dog tucker.

Alf confidently asserts this on the strength of news that the National government is trouncing Labour, according to the latest Horizon poll.

National has 10.2% more support than Phil Goff’s Labour, and is continuing to widen the gap, with its support up 2.2% since May against a 0.9% rise for Labour.

The only surprise there is that Labour was able to lift its support at all after dishing up that capital gains tax pap.

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