Wall and the Warriors of Change go on the warpath – don’t laugh, folks – over a newspaper cartoon

July 22, 2014


People who were pissed off with cartoons published in The Press and the Marlborough Express last year did what we are all entitled to do and expressed their objections at the time.

They exercised something wonderful called their freedom of speech (as did the enterprising Toyota dealer who devised the advertisement shown here).

Soon there was a debate raging. Were the cartoons racially offensive – or were they not?

And then we were all huffed and puffed out. It was all over. Or should have been.

Alas, some sad bastards get their knickers in a serious twist and want to see heads roll if they have taken offence or otherwise been affronted. Read the rest of this entry »

Two cases that raise questions about community service staff and health and safety rules

December 12, 2011

You take your life in your hands, when you put it in other people’s hands.

For the most part, you will get good care.

But not always, as two recent cases demonstrate.

Alf has been reading that –

* A community services worker will be taken to the Human Rights Tribunal after leaving a severely disabled man strapped alone in a hot van for 45 minutes.

* And, in Britain, a paramedic allegedly refused to carry a dying schoolgirl to an ambulance for ‘health and safety’ reasons.

First, the local story.

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An outrage: ministry must cough up for upsetting a jailbird whose crimes include aggravated robbery

July 17, 2011

Alf will be spending some time today checking out who’s who and what’s what at an outfit called the Human Rights Review Tribunal.

We have far to many tribunals.

This one deals with claims under the Human Rights Act, the Privacy Act and the Health and Disability Commissioner Act.

Its only useful purpose – at first blush – is that maybe Alf will need a job there one day, because it provides a bit of work for some former MPs.

Its members include Keith Shirley and Brian Neeson, neither of them – in Alf’s experience – inclined to smoke the sort of stuff that would addle their brains or mix with lefties who who would convert them to their namby-pamby world view.

Alf accordingly would like to think neither of them was involved in the decision that triggered his (a) enormous indignation – no, make that enormous outrage; and (b) immediate research into the tribunal and its purpose.

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Maybe the neighbours from hell would find paradise in a colony on Disappointment Island

February 17, 2011

Disappointment Island...a prospect for development by Housing NZ.

Spare a thought for Housing NZ as it tries to deal with complaints about neighbours from hell.

It can respond to those complaints by shifting the hellish neighbours.

But that simply creates the hell of litigation. Housing NZ has been trying to evict tenants from a suburb of Lower Hutt, only to be thwarted time and again by time-consuming (and costly) appeals to the courts.

Another consideration, of course, is that in some cases the neighbours from hell are Maori and therefore are regarded as “special” under a United Nations deal which we have signed.

Housing NZ accordingly has cause to be chary as it deals with the complaints from the Bell Block neighbours of a woman convicted of harassing them.

According to the Taranaki News, Housing New Zealand has promised it will find a new home for the neighbour who has been giving them grief.

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Let’s disable this bloody tribunal before it cripples we hard-working taxpayers

January 9, 2010

Alf is troubled by the namby-pamby Human Rights Review Tribunal and its ruling about parents who care for severely disabled adult offspring.

It has decreed these parents should be eligible to receive payments from the Government.

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