What’s in a name? A chance to win cheap laughs if you are confronted with a name like Dikshit

October 3, 2010

Hyacinth Bucket - or Bouquet? And how would Paul Henry handle it if it were spelled Fucket???

Paul Henry is back in the gun after calling an Indian politician Dix-Shit.

He’s not the only one, as Kiwiblog points out. Many presenters can’t help doubling up with laughter when they mention the name of Delhi’s Chief Minister, which happens to be Sheila Dikshit, although it seems it is pronounced Dixit.

A sophisticated bloke would know that the spelling of a surname often gives no clue to how it should be pronounced. Marjoribanks, for example. Or Death. Or Bucket.

And a professional broadcaster would want to get it right.

Hence Henry should have got it right when – according to the HoS –

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