What’s that strong pong of hypocrisy? Ah, it’s coming from Goff’s housing arrangements

December 17, 2010

The taxpayers keep filling this one for me, so why should I feed from my own trough?

Alf can’t say it better than Whaleoil, when it comes to discussing the rank hypocrisy of Labour’s Phil Goff. Constituents should read his post on the subject today.

Essentially, Whaleoil reminds us how Labour has persistently been putting the boot into our Bill English over the double dipping thing, perfectly legal though it happened to be.

But – as we learned last night – Goff is up to much the same sort of lark.

Alf will only add to Whaleoil’s account that he was thoroughly pissed off in the House this week when Amy Adams was doing a splendid job of extracting important stuff from English about the economy at Question Time.

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Just another leader – perks and all

November 2, 2009

Sorry to be banging on again about the Hide matter.

But Alf sat in the Eketahuna Club last night wondering what a self-appointed perk-buster should expect, when his taxpaying admirers learn he has used his travel entitlements to have his girlfriend accompany him on his travels.

Won’t they be bloody pissed off and keen to let him know how they feel about his hypocrisy?

Some of that disappointment will be apt to turn to abuse.

And sure enough, NZPA tells us –

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