Case of the IHC voter highlights why Labour and the Greens can count on getting some votes

September 16, 2014
"And when you've answered this one, we will want you to explain Labour's capital gains tax."

“And when you’ve answered this one, we will want you to explain Labour’s capital gains tax.”

Alf shares the alarm of the family of an intellectually disabled woman whose carers are supporting her to vote in this year’s election.

The woman in question has the mental age of a two-year-old.

This means she is likely to cast her vote for Labour or the Greens.

In a sane world, she would not be allowed to vote at all.

But there are lots of daft people out there and, sure enough, her voting rights are being championed by disability advocates.

These advocates are supporting the woman’s caregivers’ actions, saying the voting rights of people with intellectual disabilities should be protected.

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The cops say sorry for using an insensitive expression – but who laid the complaint?

February 10, 2011

Alf has learned another lesson in how to be PC: he must not call people “half-caste”, no matter how appropriate that expression might seem.

The lesson this time comes from the cops, who are saying “oops, sorry” after being chided for calling a missing woman a half-caste.

It seems they issued a statement yesterday saying they held fears for the safety of a 48-year-old woman missing from Auckland’s Te Atatu since Saturday.

So far, so good.

But the police then used what turns out to be an indelicate, insensitive and otherwise objectionable expression.

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IHC fraudster should still be locked up or – worse – sent to Christchurch to await sentencing

January 30, 2010

Too many bloody judges have gone soft on the crims, as we all know.

This applies to the judge who has allowed a former Wellington restaurateur to await sentencing at her Ohakune lodge – described on Stuff as “plush” – after she admitted stealing almost $600,000 donated to disabled children.

She has been bailed to live at the lodge until sentencing in March.

Well turned out in a black dress, former IHC national fundraising manager Lynn Fiebig, 56, stood impassively in Wellington District Court yesterday. She pleaded guilty to 74 counts of fraudulently using documents, and one of laundering money.

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