Well beggar me – a Pommie professor has failed NZ for performing badly with social stuff

January 23, 2011

Alf found a bucket of bilge at the Sunday Star Times today, the end product of a survey about some sort of gap between rich and poor.

It started by saying –

Accusations that New Zealand is one of the worst performers in the developed world when it comes to the income gap between rich and poor have been validated by a Sunday Star-Times survey.

Stop right there.

Who is doing the accusing?

What must we do- exactly – to be judged good performers? Jump through hoops? Sing opera arias? Tap dance? Wave a magic wand and make poverty vanish?

Who has done the judging?

And where is the table of data that shows us their score-cards?

Answers of sorts can be found further down in the report.

Most critically, we find we have been judged and found wanting by a couple of Pom academics who wrote a book.

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