It’s a short cut to becoming an ex-law-breaker – you put your foot down and try to outrun the cops

November 17, 2013
I'll take the low road Fred, so you take the high road

I’ll take the low road Fred, so you take the high road and we’ll cut the speedster off at the pass.

Here we go go again.

The cops will be under fire for chasing a law-breaker, now an ex-law-breaker, who didn’t get the message about being unfit to drive earlier in the night when they took her car keys from her.

Hospital staff are helping to clean up the resultant mess.

The Independent Police Conduct Authority has been alerted, too, and will be expected to find out what went wrong.

The answer is glaringly obvious to Alf.

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Another spending-cut idea for Bill: put the brakes on those zealous farm-bike inspectors

April 2, 2011

Just a few more, then we'll go home on the quad bike.

Alf agrees with his good mates at Federated Farmers: the tossers at the Labour Department are indulging in overkill in their efforts to deal with quad bike accidents.

Many more Kiwis die from drinking too much booze than from quad bike accidents.

But the bloody Labour Department – no doubt desperately looking for work to to do to justify its existence and avoid budget cuts – is preparing to get tough on farmers who flout safety guidelines.

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It’s no bad thing to say sorry sometimes, but the cops are faster to apprehend than apologise

March 2, 2011

"And if the complaints authority says we shouldn't have done this, we might consider an apology."

Sports broadcaster Tony Veitch shouldn’t hold his breath on the matter of the apology from the police that was suggested by The Independent Police Conduct Authority.

The authority last week said the cops should apologise to Veitch – or rather, consider apologising – after a file containing unsubstantiated claims relating to his 2008 assault on Kristin Dunne-Powell (his girl friend at the time) was released to media.

But the cops don’t do apologies.

Not in a hurry, anyway.

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Yes, we know about the anger of a slain Sikh’s widow – now let’s find why the cops were tardy

March 5, 2010

When, oh when, will the news media stop beating the drum about a widow’s anger at the police delay in entering the liquor store where her husband was murdered almost two years ago?

The newspapers have regurgitated the story about her anger again today. The Herald says –

The widow of slain liquor store owner Navtej Singh believes police delays hindered her husband’s chances of survival, and is demanding answers over their actions.

Harjinder Kaur comforted her fatally wounded husband in their Manurewa store as police waited outside for 26 minutes, despite 111 staff having been assured the armed robbers had fled.

In the High Court at Auckland yesterday, as is being widely reported, one of the six men accused of Mr Singh’s murder, Anitelea Chan Kee, 22, was found guilty.
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The quick and the dead: a tragic but avoidable demise for tearaway lunatics

February 22, 2010

So you are hooning down the road, erratically or at high speed or both, when a police siren tells you the game is up. You’ve been lumbered.

What’s the smart thing to do?

Yep. Pull over.

Only if you get your kicks from games like Russian roulette or sky-diving without a parachute do you put your foot down to shake off the cops.

And if you opt to take the thrill-seeking option, what do you reckon the cops will do?

Oh, yes. They will give chase. That’s when the fun kicks in.

And when you finish up dead after losing control of your vehicle – or worse, if you wipe out innocent law- abiding third parties – who should cop the responsibility?
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