Chances are you don’t give a stuff about inequality, but if you do then it’s time to take a tilt at Lotto

April 28, 2011

Taking money from the poor to make someone rich.
Last time Alf checked, a $17.7 million lotto haul struck in Hamilton two weeks ago remained unclaimed.

NZ Lotteries spokeswoman Kate Richards said the winner might not yet have realised his or her luck.

Alf suggests the bugger(s) might have lost their ticket.

But the point is this: the missing winner has a half-share in a $34 million lotto draw, the country’s biggest ever Powerball Jackpot prize.

More important, the bugger(s) have become richer at the expense of the rest of us, who have become that much poorer.

And yet Alf heard not one squawk of protest from the tossers who champion equality and the redistribution of wealth.

In the run-up to the draw, about 1700 tickets a minute were being sold.

Chances of winning were discouragingly thin.

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