Charging miscreant motorists for road closures might help to improve our driving habits

February 19, 2013

At first blush, Alf had some sympathy for the mother of a teenager who has been billed by the New Zealand Transport Agency for the cost of closing a road while she was cut free after a road accident.

But that’s because the first para of the report at Stuff (here) mentioned the daughter, Romy Goodfellow, having had a near-death experience, as a consequence of the mishap.

The report proceeded to make much of the young woman’s injuries.

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Is the abandonment of Christchurch a Maori phenomenon – or is there a broader story?

April 7, 2011

Let's leave rebuilding to the property-owning honkeys.

Well, well, well. A Maori exodus.

And all because the departing Maori feel they don’t have a stake in a city where fellow citizens – as ratepayers and taxpayers – have been subsidising their low-rent accommodaion.

Christchurch Maori academic Rawiri Taonui was reported today as saying many Maori are abandoning the city because they don’t have an ownership stake in rebuilding it.

An interesting word, “abandoning”.

That’s what we do – and rats, too – to get off sinking ships.

And the evidence for this claim that many Maori are abandoning the city?

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Bring it on – a harder ACC regime

October 18, 2009

It’s hardly a secret when a hack in the Parliamentary Press gallery can share it with us. But the Sunday Times Star gurgles today about a Secret ACC plan to charge all victims $100.

The Sunday Star-Times has obtained a shopping list of Accident Compensation Corporation proposals to pare back compensation entitlements as it deals with a $4.8 billion blowout.

The list justifies the worst fears of compensation recipients, particularly those who have been on the scheme long-term. While ACC Minister Nick Smith insists that the government will never dismantle the no-fault public-owned insurance scheme, the proposals obtained by the Star-Times suggest otherwise.

Among the proposals on the list –
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