Should rescuers listen to Blue and not touch people without their OK – or would that be a big blue?

April 23, 2015
These ladies would get no complaint from Alf, if they rescued him without his permission.

These ladies would get no complaint from Alf, if they manhandled him without his permission.

Oh, Gawd.

Bloody Jackie Blue is banging on again, obviously abandoning her National Party loyalties for the moment.

She has been prompted to add to the outpouring of feminist condemnation of The Boss over that pony tail stuff.

And what does she know about it?

Not much, as she acknowledges:

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Questions perhaps need asking about the knickers that Jackie Blue gets in a twist on gender issues

April 16, 2015

Alf has been musing on whether he should modify the masthead on this blog.

The question is whether it would help or hamper him if he added a few words to make absolutely plain something he has always imagined is absolutely plain.

That is, he should declare to his constituents he is a bloke.

This declaration of masculinity – he has been led to believe – is necessary to distinguish him from politicians who happen to be female.

Jackie Blue, a former colleague who gave up her job as an MP to become a  champion of equal opportunities, is someone who believes this gender distinction is necessary.

She has been banging on about it in conversation with Paul Henry, who might have become an MP, too, if he had much appeal to voters, which he didn’t.

Come to think of it, he should have made much more of being a bloke, when he was campaigning to become MP for Wairarapa, because he was beaten by a sheila who once was a bloke.

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And Lisa-Marie makes three – the home-bound count is rising as the CERA saga rolls on

November 23, 2014
A hugged tree is not so likely to complain about sexual harassment.

A hugged tree shouldn’t be so likely to complain about sexual harassment.

All that remains is for Iain Rennie to join the principals of the CERA sweetie saga so we have a quartet of state servants being paid without having to turn up at the office.

Alf makes this observation on learning that someone by name of Lisa-Marie Rachan, described as one of the public sector’s top communications managers, has been placed on sick leave.

Her health has faltered at much the same time as questions are being asked about the the handling of the press conference to announce Roger Sutton’s resignation as the boss of the Canterbury earthquake recovery outfit.

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After a posting to Saudi Arabia, our next MP will be looking forward to a welcome-home snifter – or two

April 24, 2013

Alf looks forward to Paul Foster-Bell becoming National’s newest MP.

He hopes the newcomer will be welcomed as heartily as Alf was welcomed when he was our newest MP, back in….

Well, let’s just say it was back a few years.

According to Stuff (here), Foster-Bell will take up the list seat vacated by Jackie Blue, who has quit to become the new equal employment opportunities commissioner, something she surely will do with much more aplomb and good humour than her very earnest predecessor.

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Here’s hoping Jackie doesn’t get into a silly fuss about the dearth of sheilas on the rugby board

April 16, 2013

Gotta say it’s damned disappointing to see Jackie Blue – splendid lady – taking up what looks like a hand-wringingly dreary job as Equal Employment Opportunities Commissioner.

Justice Minister Judith Collins announced the appointment (here) today.

Trouble is, Jackie’s appointment requires her resignation as an MP. She will take up her new job on 4 June.

This opens absolutely new opportunity for Alf’s promotion, as the appointment of Tim Groser to head the World Trade Organisation would do.

Second, if we had no Equal Employment Opportunities Commissioner, we could save a bundle of money without in any way harming our society.

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They shouldn’t be allowed to booze until they are adults, and it seems that’s around age 24

April 26, 2012

It's because she hasn't grown up yet...

Alf has been strongly fortified in his belief the drinking age should be raised much higher than is sought by MPs who support returning the drinking age to 20.

The Sunday Star-Times had a report on the topic the other day, saying this support is gaining momentum as MPs face calls to address binge drinking.

The tossers never asked Alf what he thinks.

He happens to think the drinking age should be much higher than 20.

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We don’t demand haute couture in the House but wearing Highlanders’ discarded kit was a blue

June 8, 2011

It's a nice shade of blue ... but what would happen if Alf wore this in the House?

Alf took serious offence at a Labour politician, Clare Curran. desporting herself in National colours yesterday.

Accordingly he approved of the Speaker giving her a red card and kicking her off the Parliamentary pitch.

As it turned out, she was thrown out of the House for wearing a Highlanders’ rugby shirt.

Today she is reported to have bleated about an “over reaction” from Speaker Lockwood Smith.

The Dunedin South MP had appeared at Parliamentary questions wearing the southern team’s old blue, gold and maroon kit in protest at the new lime green colour.

Speaker Lockwood Smith declared the shirt violated Parliament’s strict dress codes and ordered Curran to leave.

Parliament’s dress code dictates male members must wear a tie or jacket buttoned up to the neck. Women must wear ”normal business attire” however there is no specific detail on what is allowed.

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The Bakshi brothel beat-up

May 3, 2009

Must have a chat with Kanwal Bakshi, a back-bencher with a flair for winning a headline. Alf has been struggling to win one for years, but fails even to have his name included on a list of successful candidates after general elections.

But today in the Sunday Herald, Bakshi not only has scored a headline – there’s a photo of him too, handsomely turbaned and looking real chuffed with himself.

Mind you, the headline isn’t calculated to enhance his political career.

Outrage over brothel at National MP’s house

At first blush, this suggests he or members of his family are in the brothel business.

Nonsense. The story tells us he is the part-owner of a property that was being used as a brothel in a neighbourhood of very straight-laced citizens (until he found out and kicked out the tenants.)
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