Forget about petty quibbles such as the vodka – the idea of James Bond being darkened is a shocker

December 26, 2014
The poster says he is "BACK"...

The poster says he is “BACK”…

Alf has become thoroughly bemused about editorial policy at The Daily Mail, a publication with which he has always felt politically comfortable.

Sadly, they have become astonishingly PC by the looks of it and have taken umbrage at remarks made by Rush Limbaugh, an American entertainer, radio talk show host, writer, conservative political commentator and loud mouth.

There have been many times when umbrage should have been taken at the utterances of this fellow.

We could – and probably should – also wonder about the quality of the genes bequeathed him by parents who gave him the preposterous name of Rush Hudson Limbaugh III.

But the Daily Mail has become antsy on this occasion because he has admitted to being ‘racist’ following comments he made about actor Idris Elba.

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