F’off Goff

May 29, 2009

Bollocks to Phil Goff and his rabble.

If they bothered to listen to the Budget speech – or had read the Readers Digest version set out in the Executive Summary – they would have learned:

The previous Government increased its spending markedly over recent years. In the absence of any policy response, the future path for Government spending, together with the weak outlook for revenue over the next few years, would result in permanent budget deficits and in Government gross debt rising from 20 percent of GDP to 70 percent of
GDP by 2023.
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Surgeons rattle the IRD’s bones

March 27, 2009

A big cheer is likely to ring through the Eketahuna Club, when we celebrate news that taxpayers have won an important court battle against the tax gatherers.

The Independent (quoting a tax lawyer) described it as “a watershed decision” against the Inland Revenue Department in a tax avoidance case.

Other businesses are said to be preparing “to challenge the department’s dictatorial approach to tax laws.”
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