The judge was wrong to say he is taking a risk – it’s the property-owning public who are put at risk

April 4, 2015

Let’s be upstanding for the good Judge Sygrove.

We refer to Judge Chris Sygrove, who has given a criminal with a long history of offending the chance to stay out of jail.

We he should do this is somewhat bewildering to Alf, who is a great believer in banging up bad buggers for as long as the law will allow, and even longer if there’s a chance of getting away with it.

He has some sympathy for the Muslim approach to these matters and the practice of lopping off the hands of pilferers.

And he has never quite grasped why so many Western countries have dispensed with the gallows, the guillotine and other wonderful instruments of behavioural improvement, including the rack, the stocks and the ducking stool.

He certainly is disinclined to give second chances to blokes with a history of burglary and of being banged up but not learning their lesson.

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