Judge Jane should dip into her history book and get a steer on sentencing from The Hanging Judge

December 4, 2014

The Sensible Sentencing Trust almost makes a case for having the judging business declared a caper fit for blokes only.

Preferably blokes with no whiff of greenie, leftie or any other namby-pamby leanings.

But Sensible Sentencing falls short of saying this and obviously has opted to pull its punches while preparing a news item headed:

Violent thug deserves four year sentence, not sympathy from a Judge

The news release says Sensible Sentencing wonders why trained Judges seem to find a very simple law hard to follow.

Presumably they mean some judges and moreover they probably mean some modern judges, because blokes like Judge George Jeffreys had no trouble following a simple law, and if they did, they simply resolved the matter by sentencing the defendant to a stiff sentence, often of the life-terminating variety.
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The same wage rise for all MPs is wrong – but it’s worse when it comes to paying namby-pamby judges

December 24, 2010

Hanging Judge Jeffreys ... a bloke who earned his keep.

Alf must admit to being somewhat pissed off with The Boss today.

His grievance has been triggered by the way we MPs have our pay decided and pay rises announced. It’s a same-pay-rise-for-all deal, the sort of thing trade unions negotiate to ensure that workers and the drones are paid the same and that the system promotes mediocrity.

All MPs have been given a pay rise.

But a hard-working star like Alf is getting the same pay rise as buggers like Paul Quinn, who was described by the political gurus at Trans-Tasman as a media-loathing misfit, and rude and arrogant. The newsletter reckoned “National should start wondering whether this list MP is a waste of space.”

Worse, Alf is being paid the same as that bald-pated poof, Chris Carter, and a whole heap of other banck-benchers you have never heard of because they don’t actually seem to do too much or say anything worthy of anyone’s attention.

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