Nanny statists don’t want sweetness and light to come into the policy debate about obesity

May 18, 2015

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Alf will be checking out how much good tax money is being squandered on fat fanatics and anti-sugar zealots. They are feeding from the public trough – excessively, it seems fair to argue – and coming up with all sorts of weird ideas.

For example, they have been banging on about the need to slap huge and embittering taxes on stuff we Grumbles like to savour, now and again and in moderation.

But their obsession is not limited to this wild urge to lift the price of sugary products to prohibitive levels. They also want to stop decent people from opening dairies – even though they are a legitimate form of retailing – to ensure prospective customers have to find black-market vendors of wares these do-gooders regard as harmful.

Or (oh dear, a loophole already) prospective customers would have to find a supermarket, although before long we would be told we shouldn’t allow new supermarkets either.

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