If you think those health labels will steer shoppers away from junk food – fat chance

November 26, 2011

Food label? What food label?

Alf has never joined the clamour for more and more information to be stuck on food labels.

The champions of this nonsense want consumers to know which country the food comes from, how much fat and so on it contains, whether it has any genetically modified components….

Whole forests must be chopped down to provide the paper for the labels to carry the information that food products must carry already, without the labels telling us more.

Alf was astonished, on visiting a government website, to find the obligations heaped on food processors and retailers.

And guess what?

Most shoppers couldn’t give a toss about what they say.

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Just look at Don Brash before blaming junk food for the rising obesity levels among today’s school kids

September 23, 2011

Billy Bunter was a rare exception when Alf went to Greyfriars.

Dunno if similar work has been done in NZ, but Alf was cheered to learn that someone has studied the trend towards driving kids to school and sparing them the effort of getting there the hard way.

Back in Alf’s schooldays we walked to school or we got there on a bike.

Bloody good exercise. And this – he reckons – explains at least partly why the brats who are driven to school by molly-coddling parents are becoming a generation of tubbies.

He is fortified in this thinking after stumbling on the work of an American researcher who has looked into this and reported her findings in a paper headed Active Transportation to School: Trends Among U.S. Schoolchildren, 1969–2001

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Lard laws take a battering

February 6, 2009

The nutrition Nazis just don’t get it.

The Government has not made pie-eating – or gluttony – compulsory for school children.

It has simply scrapped a daft regulation requiring the availability of nothing but “healthy” food options for sale in schools.

It regards these – and rightly so – as unnecessary and a bureaucratic burden.

The scrapping of the lard laws gives school boards of trustees the freedom to make their own decisions about what are appropriate foods and drinks.

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