A challenge for the judges (would you believe?) is finding a fit punishment for a repeat offender

November 6, 2011

The bloody justice system is short on punishment options.

It’s not a matter of finding a punishment to fit the crime. It’s a ludicrous matter of finding a punishment to fit the offender.

A Dunedin bloke has avoided a sentence of community detention because a phobia of electricity prevents him from wearing the electronic monitoring bracelet.

Does this mean that (a) if we still had capital punishment and (b) the electric chair was the means by which we carried out the death penalty then (c) this bugger would be given an exemption if he committed a capital crime?

The mind boggles.

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So what’s to be done to judge in bias case?

November 30, 2009

There’s the whiff of something distinctly rotten wafting from our justice system.

Justice Minister Simon Power has hastened to attend to the source of some of the pong. But not all of it.

He is to ask Cabinet to agree to sweeping changes to our legal aid service

after revelations hundreds of crooked lawyers are ripping off taxpayers.

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