The Bakshi brothel beat-up

May 3, 2009

Must have a chat with Kanwal Bakshi, a back-bencher with a flair for winning a headline. Alf has been struggling to win one for years, but fails even to have his name included on a list of successful candidates after general elections.

But today in the Sunday Herald, Bakshi not only has scored a headline – there’s a photo of him too, handsomely turbaned and looking real chuffed with himself.

Mind you, the headline isn’t calculated to enhance his political career.

Outrage over brothel at National MP’s house

At first blush, this suggests he or members of his family are in the brothel business.

Nonsense. The story tells us he is the part-owner of a property that was being used as a brothel in a neighbourhood of very straight-laced citizens (until he found out and kicked out the tenants.)
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