Any good reason for Kate to give up all her posts? Well – ahem – new blood would be welcome

November 6, 2012

Gotta say Kate Wilkinson has come out of the Pike River thing better off than before.

On Monday morning she could boast she was –

Minister of Conservation

Minister of Labour

Minister for Food Safety

Associate Minister of Immigration

By the end of the day she had only three of those portfolios, having resigned as Minister of Labour.

Some unreasonable tossers were demanding she give up all her jobs, but she was having none of it (as you can learn here).

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Food safety legislation: novice Greenie MP plays to the Ooooby and Wwoofer gallery

January 5, 2012

What price should we pay to ensure it doesn't poison us?

Alf perhaps wasn’t paying attention, when the Food Bill was introduced into Parliament.

He certainly didn’t spot the shortcomings in the legislation now being highlighted by egregious greenies and Labourites.

But he is aware that our splendid Government has given assurances that the bill won’t affect good honest Kiwis who grow their own food and swap it with friends and neighbours.

Those assurances should put an end to the matter.

But he reads that

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If you think those health labels will steer shoppers away from junk food – fat chance

November 26, 2011

Food label? What food label?

Alf has never joined the clamour for more and more information to be stuck on food labels.

The champions of this nonsense want consumers to know which country the food comes from, how much fat and so on it contains, whether it has any genetically modified components….

Whole forests must be chopped down to provide the paper for the labels to carry the information that food products must carry already, without the labels telling us more.

Alf was astonished, on visiting a government website, to find the obligations heaped on food processors and retailers.

And guess what?

Most shoppers couldn’t give a toss about what they say.

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Kate Wilkinson’s U-turn on mine safety leaves loyal Nat MPs with some awkward explaining to do

August 18, 2011

Kate Wilkinson perhaps learned her stone-walling technique from Barnacle Bailey.

Bloody Kate Wilkinson has left Alf seriously embarrassed.

Whenever asked by his constituents about safety concerns raised by the Pike River mine disaster, he would tell them to be patient. We had to wait the outcome of the commission of inquiry.

By implication this applied to the question of whether we had enough mine inspectors, although two seemed throughly adequate, if one of hem looked after the North Island and the other the South.

Alf’s position was thoroughly fortified by Wilkinson as Minister of Labour (who does a fair enough job, for a sheila, although Alf has always thought he could do it better).

As recently as 13 July Wilkinson was wielding a straight bat (and keeping a straight face) while she stone-walled questions from Greenie Kevin Hague.

Example –

Kevin Hague: Does she think it is good enough that of the four recent ignitions in the Spring Creek underground coalmine, the mines inspectorate had the resources to follow up only two?

Hon KATE WILKINSON: Those issues have been raised as evidence at the royal commission. Therefore, that is the appropriate place for them to be considered and I am reluctant to comment further on that.

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The difference between a Trabant and an Aussie-built ship? Trabants go further before breaking down

December 9, 2010

And then the Trabant team emigrated to Australia to build ships for the NZ Navy.

It looks like the Aussies build ships about as well as the Ponting team plays cricket. Or as well as the East Germans built that Trabant thing, back in the bad old days before the Berlin Wall came down.

Alf makes this observation on learning the navy is to conduct an inquiry into the problems with its fleet after another break-down on one of its new ships.

This time the Governor-General and cabinet minister Kate Wilkinson were on board the navy’s newest ship.

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If making quad bikes safer is the smart thing to do, then don’t expect MPs to get it done

July 21, 2010

Some people seem to think passing a new law will take care of just about anything, including the prevention of death and maybe baldness, too.

Take the case of the Wellington coroner, a bloke called Ian Smith, who is reported to have denounced Parliament for failing to bolster laws to make quad bikes safer.

He reckons such changes could have saved the life of a young beekeeper.

Maybe they would.

But we have laws to deal with murderers, and they don’t stop murders; we have laws to deal with thieves, and they don’t stop theft; we even have a Fiscal Responsibility Act to foster fiscal responsibility, although it can not ensure fiscal responsbility, especially under a Labour government.

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Forget about Crusher Collins – let’s persuade her to become Slugger with this tasty idea

February 23, 2010

Alf has an idea for our Corrections Minister, the admirable Crusher Collins. Our Defence Minister, Wayne Mapp, is smart enough to see the possibilities, too.

Alf’s fertile mind was activated by news that Mapp, wearing his Research, Science and Technology hat, is thinking about coughing up good public money to help study toxic sea slugs.

As the NZ Herald reports today, scientists want to know how far the highly poisonous slugs have spread and why they have suddenly become toxic. But the Environment Ministry and other government departments have so far refused to pay.

Toxic snails? How toxic?
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Our labour laws have gone to pot – or why we must do things by the book when sacking a drug supplier

January 7, 2010

Come in Kate Wilkinson. There’s work to be done in your labour portfolio.


The Employment Relations Authority needs dismantling, our employment law needs rewriting and common sense needs restoring to a boss’s right to fire staff.

But don’t sack the buggers at the authority before we have put new arrangements in place. Otherwise they are apt to take legal action under a system with which they have become all too familiar, and will try to screw the taxpayer for big bucks.

Alf tenders this advice on learning that a small business has been ordered to pay an employee $12,000 – including $6000 compensation for distress – after he was sacked for supplying cannabis to a workmate.

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In defence of pure bread and strong All Blacks

July 13, 2009

Alf’s lobbying for the good folk of Eketahuna to continue getting their daily bread free of folic acid obviously was influential.

He is confident the All Blacks, too, will benefit from his continued campaigning to keep our bread pure.

Today he is cheered to learn that outrageous rules forcing bakers to add folic acid to our bread could be scrapped within months of coming into force – but only if the Government secures a review.

To get the review (thanks to the mire Labour’s Annette King dragged us into) we need Australian agreement.

Is this agreement likely?

Alf strongly suspects we have been subjected to an Aussie plot to nobble the All Blacks by force-feeding us (with King’s apparent connivance) on bread laced with folic acid.
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Force-fed folic: a fiendish plot to nobble the All Blacks?

July 9, 2009

Alf either must emigrate, drop bread from his diet or get The Missus to bake the household bread from now on. Or he could bite the bullet, so to speak, do the Green thing and put organic bread on his diet.

He is chewing over his options on being advised the Government is pushing ahead with the mandatory fortification of bread with folic acid, despite harbouring health concerns over the practice.

Food Safety Minister Kate Wilkinson said yesterday that from September bakers will be required by law to add folic acid to bread under the new New Zealand-Australia food standard.
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