No, Alf didn’t meet the tree-hugger – and let the record show no other Nats met him, either

April 5, 2015

No, Alf was not one of the MPs from across the House who are the subject of a media statement from one Michael Tavares.

This Tavares bloke is the tree-hugger who spent four days up a kauri in Titirangi last month.

Just before we hard-working Parliamentarians took off from the capital for our Easter break, he was bragging about a successful lobbying visit to the capital in this press statement.

The headline proclaims the nature of his success:

MPs pledge to meet threatened trees

Not all MPs. Just a few.

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Kapiti council took a hard line against old folk but is keen to okay a cycling club’s tree-lopping

March 12, 2015

Some mad bastards are running freely around the country after threatening to poison infant formula. But the  news media have been just as enthralled by the antics of some tossers with a powerful urge to protect  trees.

Alf is not sure what has happened today but overnight – as you can see here – the owners of the Titirangi sites where a kauri and a rimu were scheduled for removal have released an open letter saying the kauri  can stay.

This sounds like discrimination against rimu, but Alf – to be candid – couldn’t care less.

Accordingly he thinks Environment Minister Nick Smith is looking dangerously like a greenie for saying he hoped the kauri would be saved.

“I expressed to the [Auckland] mayor [Len Brown] a preference for the 200-year-old kauri to be spared, if at all possible, but that the Government respected the fact that it was a decision for the Auckland Council.”

This fuss led Alf to recall the appalling way an elderly couple in Kapiti were treated last year for doing the environment a favour and letting in more sun by lopping a few trees.

The bloody council fairly obviously knew it was being unreasonably bloody-minded by sending in the cops to help deal to the couple because it apologised while persisting with prosecuting them. 

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