Should your company be shut down? Let’s start by counting the numbers of Maori on your staff

January 24, 2013

Does Alf hear the sounds of Pakeha exasperation as racist Maori leaders increasingly threaten the well-being of anyone who is not Maori?

Nah. Most Pakeha are too bloody pathetic or apathetic or PC. Or something.

They will simply buckle to the latest Maori demands being made in the name of “partnership”.

And they will take it on the chin when their own leaders set up yet another 50:50 governance arrangement, or whatever, that is insidiously eroding their democracy.

As iwi become increasingly empowered, other governmental institutions became that much less empowered.

Sadly, few Pakeha see the threat to their rights or to their economic interests.

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Danielle has given us plenty of good reasons to stay clear of Kawerau

November 7, 2010

In Kawerau, ladies, you are regarded as an ugly kid even if you grow up looking like this...

Alf wonders if it has something to do with the world view of people who live in Kawerau.

They see ugliness where others see something very different.

Whatever it might be, New Zealand’s Next Top Model winner, Danielle Hayes, today tells how she was bashed by bullies and branded “ugly” in her home town.


Alf’s world view was shaped in Eketahuna and he sees things differently.

The TV show’s judges presumably see things Alf’s way, too, because they have described Hayes as “the face of the future”.

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HoS gets it wrong when it tries to tell us the snooping businessman in sneaky photos case is a “politician”

May 16, 2010

Alf takes great umbrage at the headline atop an item in the HoS this morning: Politician’s covert sex cam


Businessman, actually.

The only hint of politics that Alf can find in his career is a failed attempt to become mayor of Kawerau a few years ago.

On the strength of this failed attempt – the bugger took an electoral clobbering, in fact – the HoS opts to portray him as a politician –

A former mayoral candidate accused of secretly filming a woman living in a house he owned says he was only doing what any other “red-blooded male” would have done.

Pat Norris, 53, is believed to be the first person charged with publishing material under anti-covert-filming laws brought in about five years ago.

He faces four charges of publishing an intimate visual recording and one of intentionally making an intimate visual recording.

The Nelson resident who contested the Kawerau mayoralty three years ago, said he would vigorously defend the charges and denied being a “sexual deviant”.

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