Some opinions about a Maori welcome are best left unsaid, lest they land you in deep Krarup

April 7, 2013
So why should his descendants be spooked by a Maori welcoming ceremony?

So why should his descendants be spooked by a Maori welcoming ceremony?

Alf has huge admiration for the blogger who brings him Keeping Stock each day.

And he thanks Keeping Stock for alerting him here to something he missed in his newspaper. It was a report about an unhappy Dane who seems to have struggled to maintain her equilibrium during a good old Maori welcome.

Actually, Alf has a modicum of sympathy for this lady, who has put into words what lots of visitors may well have thought about their Maori welcome, except they have been much too nice to say so.

In a nutshell, she found a powhiri a disagreeable and uncivilised experience.

The politician in question is Marie Krarup, a Danish parliamentary politician and member of the the Danish People’s Party.

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Don Brash is not too old to lead ACT – but is he daft enough to want to quit a great political party?

April 24, 2011

So how will he look in a yellow jacket?

It’s not often that Alf gets niggly during his visits to the splendid Keeping Stock blog site.

But at the age of sixty-mumble-mumble, Alf still aspires to leading the National Party, although he keeps this ambition very private so as not to give the buggers in the Beehive any grounds for questioning his loyalty.

He is thoroughly devoted to the National Party, of course, and has been naive enough to think nobody(especially him) would want to lead the ACT Party after leading the National Party.

It seems he is wrong.

A few reports at the weekend suggest Don Brash is scheming to do just that.

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Oh look – $12.5m spent on a boat shed, but one of the boats is too bloody big

February 19, 2011

The farce of Welllington’s Maori boat shed gets more hilarious by the day.

It’s the shed Wellington ratepayers overwhelmingly did not want to fund.

The council’s spending – remember? – disregarded a poll that showed 84 per cent of respondents opposed the expenditure and said it was “outrageous.”

Oh, and it’s the shed that has cost taxpayers millions of dollars, too.

And it’s the shed that was opened with lots of Maori ceremony, but with ceremonial waka shipped in from somewhere elsewhere in the country because one bunch of Wellington Maori wouldn’t surrender the local ceremonial waka to another bunch of Wellington Maori on the other side of the harbour.

As if that wasn’t farce enough, it’s a shed designed to house two waka but (as we learn today) it is not big enough to house one of them.

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When it comes to rockin’, rollin’ and quakin’, Jerry Lee does it better than the Beach Boys

September 4, 2010

Alf has yet to grips with the extent of the damage done and harm caused by the Christchurch earthquake. But he has been listening to Radio NZ’s National station, which earlier this morning was doing a great job of reporting on the event.

For now, he will refer his constituents to a Homepaddock post, where Ele tells us how the the earth moved for her.

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Maybe Terry would be better off if he had taken an apprenticeship under Sir Bob

May 2, 2010

Alf’s fellow blogger at Keeping Stock obviously didn’t have a Sunday sleep-in this morning, because more than two hours ago he was posting an item about Sir Bob Jones and a bloke with a Greek-sounding name that is not easily pronounced.

Yeah – that’s it. Terry Serepisos.

Mrs Grumble can pronounce it and moreover she reckons he is a bit of a hunk.

Anyway, thanks to Keeping Stock Alf’s attention was drawn to an item in the Sunday Star-Times which quotes Jones as saying the appointment of Serepisos to host the TV reality show The Apprentice was “shocking” and his excuses for failing to pay bills “childish”.

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Peters pops up – now let’s put him back

July 6, 2009

Alf knew the best-forgotten Winston Peters would be dug up and interviewed on Q&A yesterday. Accordingly he gave the programme a big miss.

But Inventory, at Keeping Stock, found something noteworthy in what the great populist had to say (or was reported to have said):

Repealing the Foreshore and Seabed Act would be a disastrous backward step sending New Zealand towards separatism, New Zealand First leader Winston Peters said today.
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Passport scam: the cops need a complainant

June 19, 2009

Alf can only echo the sentiments expressed this morning at Keeping Stock. He, too, had hoped to awaken this morning to news that immigration scammer Gerrard Otimi had been arrested and charged with multiple counts of fraud.

Actually, he didn’t hope it would have happened. He expected it would have happened.

It shouldn’t be too hard for the cops to track down the ringleader.

He has admitted taking money, although he would have us believe he is helping those who cough up. He’s into good deeds, see.
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