Te Tai Tokerau and the mauling of the Maori Party – a Mair matter of the sums not adding up

June 26, 2011

Bugger...that looks like the horse Ken Mair told us to back!

Wonder what Ken Mair is up to this morning.

He’s the co vice-president of the Maori Party.

He’s also the tosser who was enthusing just the other day about a three-horse race in Te Tai Tokerau.

The Maori Party was right up there with the others, he reckoned.

Alf’s advice is that if Mair gives you advice – more particularly, advice of the sort that amounts to a hot tip in the third race at Trentham next time out – then ignore it.

If he was tipping winners for a living he wouldn’t earn enough to buy a stale marmite sandwich.

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The good people of Tai Tokerau want the wisdom of Solomon – Tariana could do with some of it, too

June 22, 2011

Poor old Hone is a goner.

No, the good voters of Tai Tokerau won’t be giving him the heave-ho in favour of Labour’s Kelvin Wotzisname.

Despite all evidence to the contrary, they will be sticking with the Maori Party.

Alf has this on the good authority of the Maori party itself, and they should know.

Sure, Turiana Turia made some unflattering remarks about their candidate the other day, but it turns out this was a mistake.

Thank goodness it has not been a mistake so serious that the Maori Party’s optimism has been dented or support undermined.

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