The Govt is strangling its expenditure but the Herald is more fascinated by a murder trial in Glasgow

May 20, 2011

Just imagine this water is the fiscal deficit ... when we come back in a few years, it will have evaporated.

It looks like our Zero Budget didn’t rate much higher than zero in the news judgement of the hacks at the Herald.

Alf has yet to see today’s Herald, he admits, but a mate has been chatting with him about something he read at NewsRoom.

The NewsRoom service includes a rundown of what the major newspapers are featuring.

And apparently it says the lead story in the Herald this morning is about a Scottish jury finding Briton Malcolm Webster guilty of murdering his first wife and attempting to kill his second wife, from New Zealand, as part of an insurance plot.

The bloke claimed his first wife’s death was a tragic accident and denied the charges against him, but the jury of nine women and six men found him guilty.

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If Mallard disagrees with Cullen’s adviser on compulsion, then let’s listen to the adviser

June 24, 2010

Mallard reckons you'll thank us for this when you retire.

Alf is always attracted to a proposition with which Trevor Mallard disagrees.

Obviously, such a proposition must have a lot going for it, and furthermore there are many such propositions that have a lot going for them, because this Mallard bloke happens to be a disagreeing sort of character. Disagreeable, too.

This explains why Alf tapped eagerly on to an item posted by Mallard on Red Alert this morning, to find out with what he is disagreeing today and then going out to promote it as an idea with the Mallard seal of disapproval, which naturally makes it highly attractive to right-thinking citizens.

Lo and behold, today it relates to savings and whether they should be compulsory.

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An age question for ducking

July 27, 2009

The NZ Herald uses some research from Mercer today to refresh an important question: Should the Government increase the age of eligibility for superannuation?

Alf’s answer is yes (but he will tender it only in the privacy of his own home).

His answer for public consumption (based on his finely honed political survival instincts) is to leave the super eligibility limit where it is.

Actually, Alf is on much the same wavelength (privately) as David Farrer at Kiwiblog.
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SOS: save our savings from Cullen’s sorcery

June 22, 2009

The Kiwisaver scheme, proudly introduced by Michael Cullen when Clark and her coven were running the shop, was supposed to perform the alchemy of lifting the nation’s savings

Guess what?

Black magic. The savings habit has been shrunk.

The number of New Zealanders saving regularly has dropped in the past four years despite more than a quarter of adults joining KiwiSaver.

A Retirement Commission survey carried out in March and April has found that only 49 per cent of adults aged 18 and over are now saving regularly, down from 53 per cent in the commission’s first survey in 2005.
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David’s slingshot misfires

February 13, 2009

That David Cunliffe feller thought he was on to something in Parliament yesterday, banging on about Treasury’s advice to our Bill English not to remove the research and development tax credit, remove the $700 million Fast Forward Fund, or reduce KiwiSaver contributions.

And yep, it’s true that Treasury gave advice to keep the research and development tax credit, to maintain the Fast Forward Fund in the form proposed by the previous Government, and to make no changes to KiwiSaver.

But we Nats had prepared our policy positions long before the election.
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