Is the abandonment of Christchurch a Maori phenomenon – or is there a broader story?

April 7, 2011

Let's leave rebuilding to the property-owning honkeys.

Well, well, well. A Maori exodus.

And all because the departing Maori feel they don’t have a stake in a city where fellow citizens – as ratepayers and taxpayers – have been subsidising their low-rent accommodaion.

Christchurch Maori academic Rawiri Taonui was reported today as saying many Maori are abandoning the city because they don’t have an ownership stake in rebuilding it.

An interesting word, “abandoning”.

That’s what we do – and rats, too – to get off sinking ships.

And the evidence for this claim that many Maori are abandoning the city?

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So which is more precious – kura kaupapa or Tolley’s policy of going soft on them?

February 4, 2010

School principals say they want to be treated as “democratically” as Maori immersion schools in the roll-out of national standards, according to the NZ Herald.

But are the Maori immersion schools being treated more “democratically” than mainstream schools?

It’s more a matter of them being given preferential treatment, or favourable treatment, or special treatment…

And hence the mainstream schools are being discriminated against.

Alf accordingly would advise the aggrieved principals to take their wailings to the Human Rights Commission, except he thinks the commission is a waste of space, and anyway it tends not to recognise discriminatory practices if Maori happen to be the beneficiaries.

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