In Labour’s topsy-turvey world, the bloke who sees reality is packed off on stress leave

August 3, 2010

Alf was drawn this morning to developments in the troubled political career of Chris Carter.

It seems a lawyer is acting for the dissident Labour MP.

And the Herald tells us Carter is to take two months off work for stress-related issues.

The leave means any decisions about Mr Carter’s future in the party may have to wait for weeks as Labour Party rules mean Mr Carter needs an opportunity to put his case before action is taken against him.

Carter, of course, was given the old heave-ho from Labour’s caucus last Thursday within hours of being identified as the writer of an anonymous letter to the media saying the party couldn’t win next year’s election with Phil Goff as leader.

If he had a fair quota of common sense, of course, he would have sent his opinions in a way that could not be traced back to him.
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So what’s to be done to judge in bias case?

November 30, 2009

There’s the whiff of something distinctly rotten wafting from our justice system.

Justice Minister Simon Power has hastened to attend to the source of some of the pong. But not all of it.

He is to ask Cabinet to agree to sweeping changes to our legal aid service

after revelations hundreds of crooked lawyers are ripping off taxpayers.

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Don’t knock the bop in all cases

November 27, 2009

Yeah, Alf knows how a good Nat was supposed to vote on the legislation to repeal the use of provocation as a partial defence for murder. But he has more than a sneaking regard for the concerns being expressed in the legal community.

Moreover, he salutes ACT, which was the only party to oppose the repeal bill which passed last night by 116 votes to five.

The legal objections are reported by Stuff.

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Taking offence has become much too easy

June 23, 2009

Act’s David Garrett would be advised to brace to make another apology. To the Tongans.

The poor bugger seems to have a gift for putting his foot in it, in this mamby-pamby era when blokes are expected to refrain from using language or making remarks that some delicate souls might regard as lewd.

Actually, Alf is astonished at the fuss being made about Garrett, and is perplexed that he has been given a bollocking by Rodney Hide for whatever inappropriate comments he made about a female Act staff member to another staffer. Can’t imagine a few raunchy remarks ever hurting anybody; they merely expose the affably challenged and/or those prone to being snitches.

But Garrett has been publicly humiliated.
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Further work for lawyers in the Bain case aftermath

June 9, 2009

Alf notes that steps are under way to keep the legal fraternity further engaged in the Bain murder case and the inevitable consequences. Bain family members who benefited from the estate have sought legal advice.

Proceeds from the estate were distributed to David Bain’s uncles and aunts (his father’s two brothers and a sister and his mother’s three sisters) when David was disqualified from inheriting by his murder convictions in 1995.

The not guilty verdict at the retrial puts a cloud over his disinheritance and raises the question of David’s entitlement to the family fortune.
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