Has Andrew Little gone silent? Yes, but only about his Labour leadership ambitions

October 5, 2014
"But keeping quiet isn't my strong suit."

“But keeping quiet isn’t my strong suit.”

On the front page of the NZ Herald, one item grabbed Alf’s attention: It was headed Little not saying much and it steered readers to an item headed…

Little dodges leadership contest questions.

Oh joy, Alf thought.

Has the Labour MP been struck dumb?

Alas, no.

Rather, he he was being evasive – or had gone coy.

Labour MP Andrew Little has dodged questions about whether or not he will throw his hat into ring of the leadership contest.

Speaking on TV3’s The Nation this morning, Mr Little said he is waiting until after final election results are released today before he starts to make a decision.

“I’m just waiting to see whether I am going to still be in parliament, I won’t know until 2pm today,” he said.

“It is not something I have given thought to at this point, but if I am confirmed today I will have an opportunity to think about it, and if I’m not I’ll find other ways to support the cause.”

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The thousands due at Parekura’s funeral attest to Labour’s lost leadership opportunity

May 4, 2013

Parekura Horomia has shown us what a giant among men he was.

It’s just that some people perhaps didn’t realise it – certainly not the Labour Party, which has struggled to find a leader agreeable to the rest of the country while overlooking the obvious candidate in its ranks.

The esteem in which Parekura was held is amply demonstrated by the fact half the country – and maybe more – have upped and gone to the rather remote East Coast community of Tolaga Bay to pay their respects.

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Pita Sharples should show us he’s a democrat and put his leadership to the vote

March 28, 2013

Any curiosity we might have harboured about Maori attitudes to a good old-fashioned democratic vote are reinforced today by Pita Sharples.

The Maori Party co-leader has written an opinion piece for the Herald (see here) to set out his reasons for staying on in the job, paying no heed to fellow co-leader Tariana Turia and MP Te Ururoa Flavell who reckon his used-by date has expired and it’s time he stepped down, rather than stay on past 2014.

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When the Martians ask to be taken to the Anglican or Maori Party leader – how many will they meet?

March 24, 2013

So what does the Anglican Church have in common with the Maori Party?

Lots of leaders.

Alf was reminded of the similarity between the church and the Maori Party after the Bishop of Taranaki, Philip Richardson, was elected Archbishop and became one of three men who jointly share leadership of the church in this country (see here).

Bishop Richardson will share leadership duties with the leader of the Maori arm of the church, Archbishop Brown Turei, and with Archbishop Winston Halapua who is Bishop of Polynesia.

Sharing leadership is something the Green Party likes to do, too.

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Phil Goff is wonderfully optimistic despite the latest poll result – or is he merely delusional?

July 19, 2011

But we'll catch up with the Nats when voters have digested that tax stuff - won't we?

It takes a great deal of gall to be discussing your victory prospects, when the polls are saying you are on a hiding to nothing.

But in politics, it’s fair to say, giving any hint of doubt about becoming the next Prime Miniser would result in sad old Phil Goff being sent to the knackers’ yard by his self-serving colleagues.

And so we are subjected to the risible news that Goff says he is confident his party can win the election despite the latest poll showing support at a dire 10-year low.

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It’ s just as well Kevin Rudd is a good diplomat and won’t give advice to Goff on how to handle the reds

March 27, 2011

So if Phil can't get any advice from Kevin Rudd, maybe he should consult this bloke.

A bizarre Radio NZ item news item jolted Alf from his sleep.

The nub of it was that former Australian prime minister Kevin Rudd was saying he has no leadership advice for Phil Goff.

It went on to report what already was well known – that questions are being raised about the Labour leader’s future because of his handling of the media ruckus over a police investigation involving former list MP Darren Hughes, who resigned on Friday.

If any of Alf’s constituents give a toss about Goff and his possible fate at the hands of his power-hungry caucus colleagues, they can look here and here.

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