Here’s one good reason for joining the EU – it would frustrate Labour and its wowser supporters

November 30, 2012

Can’t think of 10 good reasons for joining the European Union.

Or three good reasons, let’s face it.

But there’s one damned good reason, as you will learn from a Daily Mail report here.

Membership of the EU would stymie the efforts of wowsers and tossers – including Labour Party MPs – who support the introduction of a minimum alcohol price.

This especially includes Labour’s associate justice spokesperson, Lianne Dalziel who campaigned for a minimum price to be included in the Alcohol Law Reform Bill.

An astonishing number of Kiwis (see here) seem willing to forego the opportunity to buy bargain-price wine at their supermarket.

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Take your pick – booze or cabbage water – but be very aware of how your sperm count might be affected

September 9, 2011

She's from the cabbage school of thinking.

You can go along with oldies who champion the regular consumption of cabbage water for ensuring longevity, if that’s what you fancy.

Alf is much more inclined to support (and live by) the findings of American researchers who have reinforced the theory that a tipple a day is good for your health.

That’s a tipple of something alcoholic, although it is somewhat disquieting to learn the findings apply only to women.

He was not surprised that some New Zealand academics question the idea.

Their namby-pamby thinking reinfoces the zeal of the wowsers who want to push the price of booze to prohibitive levels to discourage its consumption by the minority of trouble-makers in the community who binge on the stuff.

We can put Labour associate justice spokeswoman Lianne Dalziel in this camp, it seems. She is quoted as saying Labour advocates toughening the Alcohol Reform Bill by imposing minimum legal prices for standard drinks and further restrictions on alcohol advertising.

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The Treasury forecasters say 170,000 new jobs – so who are we to quibble?

June 10, 2011

And you can throw 170,000 net new jobs into your Budget speech, Bill.

Dunno why the socialist sceptics about employment growth don’t take their silly questions to the Treasury.

The bright buggers there know where their numbers come from.

And it’s their numbers that we find in the Budget forecasts.

Labour MPs are wasting their breath, therefore, trying to find out what the Ministry for Economic Development is doing to generate those jobs.

The role of the Treasury was emphasised by none other than The Boss just the other day in answer to a parliamentary question.

The irksome Jacinda Ardern asked him if he stood by his statement “the Budget will create in the order of 170,000 jobs”?

He put her in her place real fast:

“I stand by my full statement, which was: ‘The Treasury forecasts are that the Budget will create in the order of 170,000 jobs’, and that is true.”

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It’s a real shame when soaps need cleaning up or putting beyond the reach of kiddies

May 6, 2011

So which one would you rather see in the all-together?

Alf does not bother watching Coronation Street, because if he is not attending to important matters of state as MP for Eketahuna North he is relaxing down at the Eketahuna Club.

Thanks to Labour’s Lianne Dalziel, therefore, and to Mrs Grumble’s research, he has been alerted to the huge threat to the welfare of our children presented by exposure to the programme.

Dalziel is publicly complaining that television has become so raunchy that even Coronation Street is no longer acceptable for children’s viewing.

She was banging on about broadcasting standards during a commerce select committee hearing yesterday.

The “Adults Only” television watershed should be brought back to 7.30pm, she contended, because 8.30pm no longer reflects the content of the shows broadcast.

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Jim Anderton treated like a rock star? Which rock star was the reporter thinking about?

October 11, 2010

Mick Jagger ... a bit past his prime now, but he can pull a crowd of much more than a hundred or so.

Well, bugger me, Alf muttered on learning that Jim Anderton was treated like a rock star when he addressed his campaign supporters on Saturday night after being defeated for the Christchurch mayoralty.

A rock star on the way down, no longer pulling the crowds as he did in his prime, one is tempted to observe.

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SOS: save our savings from Cullen’s sorcery

June 22, 2009

The Kiwisaver scheme, proudly introduced by Michael Cullen when Clark and her coven were running the shop, was supposed to perform the alchemy of lifting the nation’s savings

Guess what?

Black magic. The savings habit has been shrunk.

The number of New Zealanders saving regularly has dropped in the past four years despite more than a quarter of adults joining KiwiSaver.

A Retirement Commission survey carried out in March and April has found that only 49 per cent of adults aged 18 and over are now saving regularly, down from 53 per cent in the commission’s first survey in 2005.
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