How to save money on MPs’ salaries – just leave seats vacant when no-one can muster solid support

November 22, 2010

Can't find the missing Labour voters down here - what about down your hole?

Alf is delighted to see Labour leaders with their bums up and heads in the sand. This seriously improves National’s prospects of increasing its numbers in Parliament at the next election.

He says this after learning Labour’s leadership (according to the Herald) has been “putting on a brave face over the party’s sharply reduced majority in the weekend’s Mana byelection…”

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Rooftop fines dragged common sense into the gutter

July 12, 2009

Alf has only just caught up with news that Hamilton Mayor Bob Simcock has been smitten by a severe dose of common sense.

He is asking city council staff to withdraw infringement notices issued to people who occupied roofs “in an unsafe manner” during the V8 supercar event in the city this year.

Mayor Simcock says there is no question that the people perching on roofs, which were never intended to be used in that way when constructed, is an illegal and unsafe activity under the Building Act.
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