If we oldies can get to bed at a respectable hour, there’s no need for pubs to stay open until dawn

January 23, 2015

Alf observes with some fascination the goings-on about boozing hours in Wellington.

The rejection of Wellington City Council plans for bar hours has implications for councils in other parts of the country. Hence it may affect the Tararua District Council’s thinking on what is allowable in its patch, and this in turn would affect Alf’s lifestyle.

This means that councils across the county (according to Radio NZ) may struggle to enforce any policies allowing bars to stay open beyond 4am.

Alf can advise his constituents (who are well aware of his habits, anyway) that his lifestyle certainly would not be affected by any requirement for pubs to shut by 4am, because at that hour he has long ago gone home to snuggle down with Mrs Grumble or (sometimes) be put to bed in the spare room.


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Yes, something needs lifting in our liquor laws – but it’s the drinking age, not the price of booze

April 26, 2014

One mob is hollering for the drinking age to be raised. Another is hollering for the price of booze to be raised. Alf unabashedly supports the age lifters.

As he posted a few years ago, when musing on our liquor legislation, he was chuffed to find scientists have discovered a possible reason for hoonish behaviour – it’s that people don’t become true adults until they’re 24.

That suggests the drinking age should be raised to 24. Alf would not be fussed if it went higher.

A new study comes into the picture today.

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Sue Moroney will meet the cops about kids and the booze laws – but to what purpose, exactly?

January 10, 2014

Labour’s Sue Moroney has been given media time to spout her silly opinions about the booze laws and intoxicated children.

She can’t resist taking a swipe at the splendid Key Government, saying it needs to look again at banning the types of drinks drunk by a nine-year-old Hamilton boy.

This is the lad who was shown in a video that made headlines around the world. He was pissed and stroppy.

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Shearer shows his confusion: the weed should not be legalised, but let’s put one on our flag

December 17, 2011

Specially designed for kicking republican backsides.

This David Shearer tosser really knows how to raise Alf’s hackles.

Just for starters, he is a Labour Party MP, and for good measure he aspired to and became the leader of an ill-assorted bunch of fellow Labour MPs.

But more than that, Alf today has learned from the NZ Herald that Shearer is

* A republican who supports a new national flag,

* A social liberal on gay issues,

* And he believes New Zealand’s flag should be changed.

“Why should we have another country’s flag in our top corner? I’d rather see a fern [which] for me is the national emblem. How we do that [depends] on how people want to do it.

“We should be moving towards a republic.”

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Come off it, coppers – if there’s any crime in selling a bit of hooch, it is petty stuff

July 3, 2010

Alf would like to think the cops had better things to do than prosecute an 80-year-old man for making whisky and bourbon in his garage.

Making whisky seems to be an admirable hobby for a bloke of that vintage, although making bourbon would serve no useful other than to provide someone with rocket fuel.

These observations are made on learning that one Edwin Wilson appeared in Hastings District Court this week, entering no plea to seven charges relating to selling liquor without a licence.

The poor bugger seems to have been targeted in a sting operation.

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Sobering words for wowsers (but they never listen)

May 8, 2009

Good stuff on booze and booze laws in the Herald’s editorial today.

Every so often Parliament feels a need to “fix” the liquor problem with adjustments to the legal age of purchase or licensing hours or permitted outlets, or all of them. The repair never works. Before long, it is apparent that the social evils associated with alcohol are as rampant as ever and pressure mounts for another legislative remedy.

The pattern has been the same whether the repair was in the direction of prohibition, as it was for most of the first half of the 20th century, or, permissiveness. Since at least the 1960s, when a 6pm pub curfew was lifted and wine permitted in restaurants, the guiding principle has been that easier access to alcohol would produce a more civilised drinking culture.

There is not much doubt that it has done so…

Here’s hoping fellow MPs read this, along with the cranky health zealots and wowsers. Former Prime Minister Sir Geoffrey Palmer, too, as he buries himself in a study of our liquor laws.
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Liquor laws are a mess

January 28, 2009

New Zealand’s liquor laws and the policing of them are a mess.

Raised in the days when the pubs were shut at 6pm, and later at 10pm – oh, the wild liberality – Alf wonders about who frequents joints that sell booze till the small hours and exactly what sorts of problems they create.

He hankers for a return to the good old days when a pub would stop serving booze in time for a bloke to get home to at least catch the sports bit of the late-night news on the telly.

His musings are prompted by news that the good citizens of Palmerston North can no longer find a bar legally open beyond 3am,
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